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“Ooh, see that, there. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred? ”

– Patrick Verona


xxxxxAt the time of the "End of the World" Agatha "Aggie" Sullivan just came to town. In the company of a few others who make up the pack The Starting Line. She is something of the pack's keeper and organizer, or maybe she just makes sure that their parties are well planned and cleaned up after. That's certainly what she seems to do for the fraternity, Kappa Epsilon Gamma. She was crazy smart, a bit of a snob, and tends to come off as long-suffering. To say that the Dark Days gave her an attitude adjustment would be fair. She was the last of what was left of that pack, the den mother wolfblood who is without the watchful eye of a pack. But she remained on the campus, living in the pack's old Frat House and using it to work out of as she continued to network and try to help people get in touch with the people they are looking to get in touch with, or to find the things that they need for themselves to survive. It made her useful and gave her something of a purpose.

xxxxxIn February of 2015, someone from the pack returned (or arrived in town for the first time, depending upon your perspective). The pack that she was protected by in the past was no longer a viable group, a new pack was formed, Nightwatch. And this time, she isn't just protected by the pack - now she is a member of the pack, filling a role and important to the group in a way that was never necessary in the past. She still manages the Pack's house, she tends to their supply needs and manages their assets.

RP Hooks
  • Wolfblooded - She's one of those. Quite strongly. Her brother used to be the Alpha of the pack The Starting Line, before he and the rest went missing. She also has the tell Waystone and those that seek Twilight might find her.
  • Psychic - She's one of these, but she keeps that somewhat secret, only a very small number of people in this world know. If you have the means to pick up on it though...
  • Tech-y - She used to run a blog before the EotW, and had something of an online business of putting people in touch with the people or the things they needed. She's still got those skills, she's just using them in a somewhat different way.
The Pack
  • Skip - Alpha, now. It wasn't what you might have planned, or expected, but it's what needs to be and you seem to rise to that. You suggested that you were a complication but the truth is that I turned out to be the complicated one. When do the complicated things become the normal? There's nothing you don't know now, is that a good thing? At least I still know exactly how to shut you up. It is still a challenge to see how high you can count.
  • Malcolm - Part of the pack, the part that is one part distraction and one part sneaky bastard. His sense of humor seems to be skewed, and he seems to know me more than I know him. Just make sure you use the door.
  • Zoe - Malcolm's mate and a part of the pack. Side by side comparison, she's the good one. It's a dark and dangerous world out there, I hope she has the strength to help us survive it together.
Others of Note
  • Temple - I think I missed the end of that fight, but I appreciate the hospitality to catch my breath.
  • Cardinal - Giver of pain meds.
  • Texas Red - Typical scavenger. Will trade for... butter?
Gone but not Forgotten

Aggie.4.jpg Aggie.SHH.2.gif Aggie.SHH.3.jpg

Agatha "Aggie" Sullivan
Date of Birth: May 5, 1992
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Former Student, Networking
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Ambitious

Pack: No more.

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Matchbox 20 - She's So Mean

Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us

Pink - Stupid Girls

Talk Talk & No Doubt - It's My Life

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