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Alexandra Winters

Path thyrsus.pngOrder mysterium.png

"Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative."
H.G. Wells

"Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects."
Roger Zelzny

Name: Alexandra Renee Winters
Shadow Name: Acacia
Date of Birth: October 31, 1985
Apparent Age: Mid to Late-Twenties
Occupation: Mnemosyne Books
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Cruel

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Dreamspeakers
Cabal: The Effulgent Parable

Apprentice: None

Sponsoring: Aerith

Retainer: Misty Forsythe

Familiar: Shade

Languages: High Speech
First Tongue
Ancient Greek

Crafts: ●●● (Book Binding)
Occult: ●●● (Werewolves)
Survival: ●●● (Deep Forest)
Animal Ken: ●●● (Training)
Socialize: ●●● (Formal Events)

Feral Mien
Striking Looks 1 - Feline Grace
Taste - Antique Books

Arcanum: Death
Spirit ●●●●● (Master)

Status: Rank ●●● (Mysterium)
Mystery Initiation ●●● (Daduchos Superior)




xxxxxAlexandra is extremely athletic. She's five feet four inches tall, and solidly built. She's practiced Parkour and is currently learning other martial forms from her friend Uriel. She is, in fact, a bit of a brawler. She also spends 5 days a week working on her body in some fashion, be it yoga, aerobics and running, or body manipulation style "weight" lifting. The other two days, she's typically out with her familiar, Shade, hiking in the woods. The only "flaw" in her physique is a burn scar on her left arm that runs between her shoulder and elbow. It looks as though the skin was completely melted. On occasion, the memory of how she got it hits her, and she rubs at it absently.
xxxxxNow that she's back in what used to be Aleswich, there's not really any call for her to wear her designer clothes, though she still keeps them for other purposes. Primarily she wears functional clothing. Jeans, though most are torn up, she wears leggings under them, almost always in black. Hiking boots that are a little beat up, but there are no holes in them whatsoever, are her most used pair of shoes. A-shirts, with sports bras and sometimes a flannel shirt over the top of it, though never buttoned up is her go to for shirts. When she's outside, she's got a man's leather jacket that's too big for her, but she wears it everywhere. If asked, the jacket belonged to Lex Sommers, until she took it from him.
xxxxxAlexandra is almost always very serious to grumpy. More often than not, she just seems very focused on whatever it is she's handling at the moment. Seeing her laugh at this time, in this place is extremely rare. She moves with feline grace, and has a predatory aspect to her movements and expressions. She always seems ready to fight, and in truth, she probably is.


“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.
You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet,
there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


xxxxxAlexa was born in Chicago, Illinois on Halloween 1985. At 29 years old, she's experienced more in her life than many have a right to.

xxxxxAlexa's mother was a werewolf and her father a wolfblooded. Alexandra is the first born of their children. Her sister, Christianna is two years younger. Together, she and her sister spent a lot of time at her father's bookstore: Mnemosyne Antique Books. Christianna wasn't as interested in the antique books, tomes, journals and such as Alexandra was. The smell of the old books seemed to constantly call her. Her father taught her to restore old books, and even rebind them. Some were so badly damaged that they had to be copied into new books that he taught her to create.
xxxxxWhile this experience was good for her, she also found a thirst for knowledge. Before she even went to college, she had learned to speak Ancient Greek, Hebrew and Latin. But, she didn't go to school to learn more of what her father had taught her. She attended Northwestern University and studied zoology. She compounded this knowledge with working at the Brookfield Zoo as an aid to one of the veterinarians, and helped him take care of the more exotic animals at the zoo. She fell in love with the animals there, and decided on a new career, since her parents had control of the book store. Unfortunately, her plans didn't work out the way she wanted them to.
xxxxxHer mother and father were killed during her third year of college. Her mother, the alpha of a pack of werewolves, was killed by a group of Pure, and as a measure to warn the rest of the pack away, they also killed her father. Thankfully, Christianna was away at Stanford, so she was safe from the attack. Alexandra returned home and began working on the book store, taking classes whenever she could to finish her degree. She was suddenly responsible for her sister, and making sure that Chris got her education.
xxxxxTime passed, and Alexa was nearly finished with her degree when someone in San Francisco attacked her sister, and Christianna went through her first change, becoming a werewolf. She wanted Chris to come home from school, but Chris decided to stay in San Fran, and finish her degree. She joined a pack there, and Alexandra discovered that this prevented her sister from coming home from school on holidays. Alexandra allowed herself to fall to loneliness, and her own life took on a strange tilt.
xxxxxAfter a serious drinking bend, she got sick and found herself in the Primal Wild. Her fight to reach the Tower of the Stone Book was intense, and she came to an understanding about the world she hadn't really faced. She was a mage, a Thyrsus. She was quickly found by her mentor Dallas, and he took her under his wing. Gradually, she learned how to become a law abiding member of the mage society, and as Dallas was a Mystagogue, she joined them, going through her first Mystery only about a year into her apprenticeship. Unfortunately, her trials didn't end with her leaving her apprenticeship. She began to hallucinate, hearing voices, seeing things that weren't there. And she began to spiral down a path of madness that confounded most of the mages in her cabal.
xxxxxThankfully, one of the mages in her cabal contacted her former master, Dallas, and he investigated what was going on. Finally, coming to a conclusion, he took her to a park and introduced her to a homeless woman named Natalia. Natalia was a Dreamspeaker and recognized the signs of this particular type of madness. She taught Alexa, known to the mage world as Acacia, how to access the Dream realms, deal with the dreamborn and control the sounds in her head. Gradually, Acacia returned to normalcy, well, as normal as one can be and still be a Thyrsus.
xxxxxLife settled into a pattern for her, and she returned to work, as well as making sure she was doing her job with the Mysterium and the Thyrsus paths. Christianna, whom she named Morgan for the mage world, went through some difficult times in San Fran as a friend of hers disappeared after his cabal was almost completely destroyed. She managed to save one member, Lex, and she traveled to Aleswich, Maine. Alexandra supported her sister in this endeavor, and decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to expand Mnemosyne Books.
xxxxxThings didn't work out well for Christianna in Aleswich, and she came home to Chicago. Something in Aleswich had scared the hell out of her, and Alexandra left to find out what it was that frightened an Iron Master Ithaeur. She met Lex and Dash there, and tried to find out what was going wrong, only to discover that an ancient and extremely powerful being was beginning to stir and there were some serious problems there. She went into action to help the people of Aleswich stop the situation.
xxxxxHowever, Christianna called her and informed her that there were some serious issues going on in Chicago, and she went back home, knowing that Dash would be able to handle it. In addition, her roommate and friend, Lex, went to Chicago with her.
xxxxxLong story short, Lex, Christianna and Alexandra busted their asses to stop vampire issues, spirit realm problems, Seers of the Throne screwing around with things in Chi-town, and stopping the Fire-worshiping Pure from awakening a spirit that had been dormant since 1871, The Great Fire. None of them came out of the situation unscathed. Lex earned himself some claw marks over his chest, and Alexandra got seriously burned during the fight to stop the end of the world in Chicago. The burn scar on her left arm was given to her by The Great Fire, and she would remember the heat and pain of it all for the rest of her life.
xxxxxWith everything settled, except for the strange feeling she'd gotten when trying to help clean up some of the mess in Chicago, she felt a strange pull to a very powerful item, Alexa and Lex left to meet with Dash in San Fran to deal with some vengeance issues there. Afterwards, Lex and Acacia headed east to return to Aleswich. After eating at a gresy spoon style truck stop, Alexandra fell asleep in the car while Lex drove.
xxxxxShe woke up in the snow and ash, without Lex and without the car. Angry about all of this, she began to curse at nothing, swearing a blue streak until she saw a woman in a bathrobe fall out of the sky and land in a snowbank. Together, the two women made it to the walls of what had once been Aleswich, and was now Safe Haven. She's been utterly confused in all of this, and with Lex leaving again to find other people outside of the safe zone, she's found herself at a loss again. She doesn't know if her sister from this reality is alive or dead, though she's pretty certain her other self from here is. She's worried about Lex, and yet trying to do everything she can to make her new life and situation work.

Roleplay Hooks

The Awakened Nation: Once if someone had mentioned the word "mage" to me, or "the wise", I'd have thought of old men wearing pointy hats and robes, with glasses barely balanced on bulbous noses. Now, I am one, and in this new place, I've got a lot of work to do, but robes and pointy hats don't look good on me.
Shamans on the Path of Ecstasy: It's what I am, and what do I know about it? I know that the world is hosed, and there's a lot of work for the Thyrsi in the world to do. So remember the Primal Wild, summon up that thrill and energy and let's get to work.
Alae Draconis: I've attained the 3rd Mystery, thus making me a Daduchos Superior. I was a Curator before everything fell to hell. Now, it's time to get to work to regroup and get the Mysterium set to function properly for Safe Haven. We won't have a repeat of the athenaeum in Aleswich in that other place.
Primals: Accessing the Dream is like accessing a wonderland, to me. It's a new adventure, and it's amazing! Even the insanity at the beginning was worth the reward.
Uratha: Once, I ached to become one of you as the rest of my family was. In the end I settled for being one of the wolfblooded. I know who you are, and I know many of your secrets. One day, I will approach you to aid in creating an alliance between my people and yours. I will show you I am trust-worthy, and hopefully you will accept me despite what I am, or because of it.
Anshega: You took my mother and father from me, you awakened The Great Fire in Chicago. I've always viewed you all as the Enemy to my Uratha family. Now, I just think you're all morons, dangerous, but still morons.
The Lost: I've only ever known one fae, so I completely have no idea about who or what you're all about.
Vampires: Life leeching bastards. You're dead and don't know it, or you're too stupid to stay in the ground. Either way, your very existence is an affront to me, and so it's always going to be war between your kind and me.
Enchanters on the Path of Thistle: Portent and Defilade hail from the Lunargent Thorn. Time and Fate are your wheelhouse. What can I say, I find most of those I've met to be endearing, for the most part.
Warlocks on the Path of Scourging: Torinawa, Tai-Pan and Quixos hail from the Iron Gauntlet. You're hard ones to get along with, but thankfully, we see some things the same. The places we differ on, well, let the arguments begin.
Necromancers on the Path of Doom: It's said that we're polar opposites. Yet, I disagree. I believe that those from the Lead Coin are simply the other side of the coin from we Thyrsi. I had a friend before my arrival in this reality, a Moros, and she and I worked very well together.
Theurgists on the Path of the Mighty: To my knowledge, I've never met one of those from the Golden Key. My mentors have told me that you're all zealots. I don't form opinions on what other people say.
Ungula Draconis: The protection from the Adamantine Arrows is necessary to the continuation of the Diamond Orders. The other three cannot exist without them, and we should be grateful they're there.
Libertines: Who? I don't acknowledge the existence of those who find knowledge, magic and power to be something bandied about freely.
Visus Draconis: You have so much potential. It's sad, really. If you'd just stop destroying everything someone in your order deems dangerous, we could get along much better.
Vox Draconis: Our arrangements are going along well. We appreciate your knack for politics and such, but really, I'm a Thyrsus who likes living with her nose in a book and her hands in the dirt. Needless to say, politics isn't my strong suit, but I'm learning. Unfortunately.
Seers of the Throne: My past is dotted with confrontations with you all. Do yourselves a favor and go extinct already.
Chicago: I was born there. I worked for my father there. I awakened there. My sister was there. Now, in this reality, it's a charred battlefield. What's left to call home?
Aleswich: To hell with it. I'm still there, sort of, but not really. To understand it... well, let's just say I never understood Aleswich, and now that I'm in this new reality, I don't have to worry about their bullshit anymore.
Safe Haven Harbor: I don't know what it is. I came here confused. I found purpose to my existence. While I don't know if this reality's version of my sister lives or not, I think I've found a new home. It's definitely a fixer-upper, but what the hell, it keeps me from getting into trouble.

Family & Friends

Morgan: I imagine in the reality that I belong to, you're freaking out, my sister. However, I cling to the hope that in this reality, you're very much alive. I see the painting of us together, and I know the copy of it in Chicago is gone, burned to ash. It's my hope that in this reality, where I died fighting the Great Fire, you didn't. I hope the world gives us both a sign, Christianna. I miss you. A lot.
Skip: The alpha of The Nightwatch. I've got to be honest, it's been a long time since my first meeting with a man is with him shirtless and dripping wet.
Agatha: I have never in my life seen anyone like you, girl. You make me afraid for you in more ways than one. I plan to keep an eye on you, there are some VERY nasty spirits out there.

Cabal: The Effulgent Parable

Torinawa: (Best Friend & Former Lover) You're an asshole, but I love you. Be safe out there doing what you're doing. Remember that there are people here who love you.
Defilade: (Friend) I know I wasn't certain about you when we first met, Defilade. But over the last few years, you've become a good friend. Thank you for all your help in Chicago, and even though it's kind of selfish, I'm glad you're here in this new and screwed world we're in.
Carlin: (Friend) Thank you for your wishes for my sister being alive. I know you two were friends. Hopefully, we'll find her, and she'll be okay.
Quixos: (Fellow Mystagogue) Things have not gone smoothly between us, but then again, you know why. We're of two different minds about what to do, but we ARE trying to do the same thing. We'll see how things roll out in the future.
Mercuria: (Fellow Mystagogue) I met you before I left for Chicago, and now we're here. Is it fate that we are to rebuild our order, making it great? I don't know, but here we are.
Portent: (Friend) I enjoy your company, greatly. I can't wait to see what pops out of your mouth next.
Sun Wukong: (Cabal-Mate) I only just met you, and I'm not sure what to think, but I liked your socks.
Link: (Cabal-Mate) Well, I've got a face to put with a name. I hope to get to know you better.
Amadis: (Cabal-Mate) ...
Shani: (Cabal-Mate) ...
Uriel: (Friend & Teacher) ''You're a sadist, but it amuses me. You're a good teacher, unless you're being an ass. All the way around, I consider you a friend, but don't expect special treatment. *sticks out her tongue at him*
Herne: (Cabal-Mate) Well, your husband and I are friends. I hope that leads to me getting to know you. Soon.
Dresden: (Friend) The longer I know you, the closer I feel to you. Thank you for being awesome.
Aerith: (Apprentice) I'm excited to meet you, and work with you. As your mentor, if you need me, you just need to let me know.

People from the Past

Maman Brigit: (Former Teacher & Friend) Thus far, my favorite Moros. No, we'll never go hiking together, or hang-out, but you are an awesome lady.
Gwydion: (Former Curator of the Mysterium) The lowest level of hell is reserved for scum like you. I hope you rot.
Lysander: (Past Fellow Thyrsus) I'm sorry I didn't know you better. I think we could have been friends if there'd been more time.
Sapientia: (Past Apprentice) You taught me a valuable lesson, trust me, I won't soon forget.


[Disturbed - Another Way to Die]
"The indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on the world..."
[Disturbed - The Animal]
"Taking form in the glimmer of this tainted moonlight, death approaches on this night..."
[Disturbed - Indestructible]
"Take a last look around while you're alive, I'm an indestructible master of war..."
[Disturbed - The Night]
"Power beyond containing, are you gonna remain a slave for the rest of your life..."
[The Panic Channel - Teahouse of the Spirits]
"Special guest will you come tonight, brief visit from the other side..."
[Pentatonix - Can't Hold Us (Macklemore Cover)]
"Can we go back, this is our moment, tonight is the night, we'll fight til it's over..."
[P!nk - U + Ur Hand]
"I'm not here for your entertainment, you don't really wanna mess with me tonight. Just stop and take a second, I was fine before you walked into my life..."

[Sixx A.M. - Life is Beautiful]
"Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful, would you swear on your life that no one will cry at my funeral..."


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