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Annabelle Cadence Landace

There are no such things as dead languages, only dormant minds.


Annabelle is one of the many Landace's that live in the area. She grew up there, surrounded by her plentiful extended family, although was close to her immediate one. Before the End of the World events, she attended to local university, studying Modern Languages. While most of her life has been spent in the area, she traveled overseas at the beginning of one fall semester so that she could study abroad. Circumstances later brought her back to the city in order to help out her family.

Present Time

Even though she wasn't one for traveling, Annabelle still managed to go overseas to Europe at the beginning of the fall semester a few years ago, before she returned back home for good. She's firmly planted within the Landace family, being fairly close to them and always ready to step up and offer a hand when it's needed.

Things have changed recently for Anna. Previously a Proximus, she's now Awakened to the Thyrsus Path and will rather enthusiastically talk about Yggdrasill if anyone happens to want to hear about it. The sudden change has made her somewhat different, noticeable to those that are closest to her now.

Upon returning after months studying abroad, she also took a job managing a rare antique bookstore, while still finishing her classes at the University. She also had plans in the work to open a business of her own, where she'll work as a translator.


This young woman stands 5'8" tall, her body trim and athletic looking, with a certain gracefulness to each of her movements. She's a step beyond beautiful, having a face that people will likely remember. Sun-streaked blonde hair varies in colour, from rich honey gold to nearly white in some lighting, the wavy locks falling around her face and shoulders, ending near the middle of her back. A soft peaches and cream complexion has been highlighted with makeup, applied with an expert hand so that it's barely noticeable, yet still manages to darken her eyelids with a subtle hint of green and her lips with a deep shade of pink. Light blue eyes are fringed by dark eyelashes, her gaze alert and direct. The only jewelry that she seems to constantly wear are several gold bangles on her right wrist.

RP Hooks and Contacts
  • Mage - This is new and something that she's trying to settle into.
  • Proximus - She was one, but things have changed.
  • Social - She's a social character, so likes meeting new people.
  • Polyglot - She knows languages. A lot of them, actually. (French, Hebrew, Latin, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Ancient Greek, Greek, Egyptian, Ancient Egyptian)
  • Important People
  • Tomeu - The boyfriend. He's so nice to look at, isn't he?
  • Dash - Head of the family, but also a good friend. Married to Lucy, someone I respect a lot and look up to. I'm their daughters godmother.
Date of Birth: February 13 1990
Apparent Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: Translator
Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Greedy

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate
Shadowname Ash

Notable Stats:
Familiar ****
Eidetic Memory: **
Striking Looks: ** - Approachable
Intelligence: ****
Resolve: ****
Composure: *****
Friend of Beasts **

Life ***
Spirit **
Fate *

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