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Character Creation : Aspirations

You will need to determine Aspirations as part of the “Final Touches” stage of character creation. Choose three Aspirations for your character. Aspirations are goals for your character. They’re also statements to your Storyteller that show the types of stories you want to play through. Aspirations are simple statements of intent; things that can be accomplished within the scope of the game you’re playing.

In many World of Darkness games, we explore the strange and horrific. This can often mean visiting those things upon our characters. If you’re interested in seeing certain things happen to your character, note them as Aspirations. Or if you expect something to occur, it would be worth noting it.

When choosing Aspirations, use them to help to customize your character and give her identity and purpose outside of whatever plots the Storyteller cooks up. Find a balance between being general enough that the statements can be fulfilled realistically, and being specific enough to inform on your character’s identity. Use the listed examples as a jumping off point.

Some Sample Aspirations:

  • Find a safe place to sleep
  • Make something that’ll outlast me
  • Prove my loyalty to the team
  • Show myself I’m not cursed
  • Give something important to someone in need
  • Put myself in mortal danger
  • Forget responsibility and enjoy myself
  • Get a method of transport
  • Show restraint when tempted
  • Indulge my addiction
  • Say my last goodbyes
  • Volunteer at a communal shelter
  • Meet a ghost
  • Interview my idol
  • Plant a garden
  • Show respect to my enemies
  • Establish a new identity
  • Learn what hurts shapeshifters
  • Have a one-night stand
  • Find a hidden cache
  • Replace my broken guitar
  • Tell a long-kept secret
  • Say no without regrets

Sample Long-Term Aspirations:

  • Put my daughter’s ghost to rest
  • Expand the Safe Zone
  • Become a parent
  • Take down outlaws
  • Outlive my enemy
  • Pass on my most important skill
  • Become fully independent
  • Bring an end to the Chosen of Mammon
  • Find the witch that cursed my family
  • Become rich in goods
  • Master my chosen art
  • Become a vampire
  • Find my soul mate
  • Prove my father was wrong about me
  • Win back our ancestral home
  • Show the world that fairies are real
  • Establish a settlement
  • Become psychic
  • Uncover my mother’s killer’s identity
  • Find an unknown biblical gospel
  • Prove my uncle wasn’t insane
  • Discover the cure for mortality