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At Safe Haven Harbor we allow IC transformations from mortal or Mortal+ characters into minor or major supernatural templates. The rationale behind this is that it's kind of stupid to have an OOC reason not to have an IC transition. However there are a few things that must be done before this can take place.

General Rules

  • Your newly-changed character may not be in the same group as your other character.
  • In some cases, you must have a PC mentor that helps you transition into being a supernatural (like a Sire).
  • While you get your XP refunded, it is for only things that you purchased *with XP*.
  • If you have template specific merits that you purchased with your merit dots that no longer apply due to the template switch, you may have those merit dots back to spend on things dealing with your new template.
  • If sphere-related XP incentives are available at the time of your Becoming, such as for apping in a specific Seeming or Path, you are eligible to receive these.


You'll need to work with Changeling Staff on your concept to determine that you'll fit into the Sphere. PC Loyalists are not permitted. For full instructions on how to complete this process, please review this page: Changeling/Becomings

If you are Becoming a Changeling you must spend a minimum of one week off grid to represent the character's time in Arcadia. Likewise, your chosen Storyteller is required to run a scene depicting your capture, at least two scenes for your durance and one scene for your escape. If you are becoming a fae-touched you must also spend a minimum of one week off grid to represent the character's time for evolving and staff requires 1 scene for capture, 1 scenes for durance, 1 scene for escape. However, the amount of time required is subject to change at the discretion of sphere staff.

Please note that if you had any Pledges prior to your capture, they will dissolve without consequences when you are taken to Arcadia. Of course, you can just re-Pledge upon your escape.


Becomings can be prearranged in case your non-Sin-Eater character dies as long as it's physically possible depending on their nature. The main requirement is that this must never be an OOC way to dodge the consequences of PvP or other lethal situations - if your character has already died, is about to be killed, or is currently in a potentially dangerous situation by the time you ask chances are we won't allow it.

If you are interested, please do the following: Speak to your current sphere's Team Lead ahead of time and get their approval. Then let the Geist Team Lead know once that happens. At this point a staff-locked note will be placed on the character citing pre-approval; this note must contain Geist and Keystone information such as would be required for new PC approval.

Existent +notes by past Geist teams will be honored. However please be advised that the Geist Team Lead retains the right, at their discretion, to deny an IC Becoming even if it was previously approved at the time of the character's death.

Please note a character may only have the Bargain if they've only had one Becoming of any kind in their entire past. So for example, a mortal woman who becomes Possessed can then have the Bargain. If she becomes Possessed and then becomes a Hunter they will never be a Sin-Eater after that. You may not Become into the Geist sphere if you are a Major Template of another sphere. Period.


For Becomings, speak to Mortal Staff and then ask Immortal staff for some possible PrP Runners and submit a job once one has been found for consideration. At this time, all Mortal and Mortal+ templates are free to apply to Become Immortal with the exception of Fae-Touched. However, no character with a Supernatural Template will be allowed to ICly Become Purified.


Approach Mortal Staff and let them know what you want to do. Then contact Mage Staff.

A SrP or a PrP should be run if the Awakening is on screen. However, players have the option of Awakening off screen. It is the preference of staff that all potential Awakenings have an IC mentor lined up before hand either with someone they already know or someone who will be introduced via RP or a PrP. As a note: While the Awakening doesn't need to be done on screen, other Mages tend to sense an Awakening and should be afforded the chance to RP the aftermath.

  • New Awakenings get starting arcana based on the rules for chargen in Mage: The Awakening.
  • New Awakenings may buy their gnosis to 3 (and no higher, not even with XP).
  • New Awakenings do not get their 6-dots for free rotes until they ICly gain an order and get Status (order) 1 with the below restrictions. They may, however, spend XP for rotes to then buy either PC or NPC mentors.
  • High Speech can be bought before then if it is taught to you by a PC, however, it is socially frowned upon and can get you backlash. You will not get a refund for this XP when you join the Order because you've already learned it at risk.
  • Free Rotes and High Speech will be awarded when they have ended their apprenticeship and can demonstrate that they have ICly learned how to be a Mage from their Mentor or other Mages. 3 logs should be provided of this actual teaching and mentorship. This applies to all Awakenings, even Mages with Order Status already.


Werewolf is pretty open as far as becomings are concerned. If you want to have a becoming as a werewolf the only requirement is letting werestaff know and running a first change scene.