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Changeling the lost.png

"What is life? A madness. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story.
And the greatest good is little enough; for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams."
xxxxxxxxxx- Pedro Calderon de la Barca


xxxxxWhat the Changelings did during the EoTW saved some of the Hedge from disaster, but there were sweeping changes as well; changes brought on by the wild and unpredictable nature of the powers released at the end of everything. The Hedge, for all its dangers and possible horrors, is now also the bolthole of the Changeling community. The massive death and destruction caused by the Solstice cannot be denied. The disappearance of many high Wyrd Changelings without trace cannot be denied. Those who are freshly escaped face not only the problems caused by the changes they have experienced in their Durance, but the daily struggle to survive imposed by the harsh and sometimes dangerous local environment as well. Loners simply are not going to do well, here and now. They will either succumb to the environment, or their humanity will slip away with their Clarity as they spend too much time away from other Lost and people in general. In this world, solidarity is survival. A Freehold must be created. Somehow, the wolf must be kept from the door.

Rules & Systems
Hedgespinning, Tokens, Pledges & Fruit
Character Generation

The Changeling Sphere is currently CLOSED for new applicants. The Sphere cap is 35 Approved PCs.

The Local Community

Information regarding the local Lost of Safe Haven Harbor.

Important Notes
  • Changeling will be undergoing changes when Second Edition comes out in mid-2015. We will be adapting the sphere to accommodate to the rules alterations and we want players to be aware that this will be coming. Other spheres will be undergoing the same transition. In advance we ask players to work with us and be patient with this and in return we will deliver the best transition that staff possibly can. In the meantime, we are implementing one of the advance notice changes for the sphere. We are formally disconnecting Kiths from Seeming. Please see the sphere House Rules pages for further information.
  • All new PCs, for the time being, will be limited to Wyrd 1 out of character generation. Additionally, Mantles can be taken in character generation, but only to a maximum level of 1.
  • All transfer PCs, per game-wide House Rule, will have their power stat (Wyrd) halved to a maximum of 3 in character generation.
Current Sphere Plots

Player information and rumors page to disseminate plot. Please use!

Staff-Run Plots:

Player-Run Plots:

Active Player Characters
By Court:

Court spring.png Spring

Court summer.png Summer


Court autumn.png Autumn

Court winter.png Winter


Court courtless.png Courtless


By Seeming:

Seeming beast.png Beast

Seeming darkling.png Darkling

Seeming elemental.png Elemental


Seeming fairest.png Fairest


Seeming ogre.png Ogre


Seeming wizened.png Wizened


Changeling the lost2.png No Seeming


Changeling the lost2.png Fae-Touched


Changeling the lost2.png Enchanted Mortal