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The Leaden Mirror, the Ashen Court, the Court of Fear
"'Fear cuts deeper than swords."
– George R.R. Martin

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Something about Autumn

xxxxxThe Autumn Court of Safe Haven are still finding their feet. The Autumn hollow has been established and is in working order, but everyone is still getting to know and trust each other.

Ashen Courtiers
Autumn Resources
Autumn Positions

Sage of Dread (Court Head - Security & Sowing Fear): Artis Amory

Tenebrae Eques: Vacant

Milites de Umbram: Vacant Ranger of the Thorns: Vacant

Band of Thorns: Vacant

Sage of the Yield (Court Head - The Harvest): Vacant

Araneae: Vacant

Spinnen: Vacant

Shadow Curator: Vacant

Arcanists/Scribes: Vacant

Horticulturalist: Vacant

Sage of the Mysteries (Court Head - The Arcane): Vacant

The Midnight Judge:

Twilight Advocates:


Seers and Ghost Whisperers:

Autumn Logs
  • (2015.02.02)
Logs:Autumn Court Meeting: February 2015
  • (2015.02.13)
Logs:Autumn's Egg - First Stage