Changeling/Foreign Gentry

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Foreign Gentry

xxxxxGentry from the rest of the world.

Bella Sophia
Bella Sophia.jpg

xxxxxA Little Girl who, like Peter Pan, will 'never grow up'. She has a cherubic appearance and wears wears Victorian style dresses, with big ringlets and bows in her hair. But she has the self-absorbed mindset of a child. If a toy isn't right, then we must fix it; Cut her hair, chop off a limb/feature to fit a role, mash it back into clay and re-mold. If a toy is bad she throws them in the back of The Closet, sometimes for years on end. She holds tea parties, plays school, and house. She's spoiled, rotten little Princess type. Her toys are most often pretty or cute and lean towards antiques. She likes to have kittens and puppies around. Or perhaps a pretty bird in a cage.

Realm: Her realm is a Victorian dollhouse with surrounding gardens. She also has The Closet, where she throws toys that have displeased her somehow.

  • Common Seemings: Elemental, Beast, Fairest
  • Uncommon Seemings: Ogres
  • Escapees: Cordelia
Vanadis and Valkjosandi

xxxxxMostly appearing as Vanadis, this Keeper suffers from what could only be described as MPD. Two sides, one coin, bot going after the same bloody, violent end day after day. When appearing as Vanadis she is beautiful, golden haired, untouched by the destruction around her. Whispered promises of peace are made, but never fulfilled. When appearing as Valkjosandi the Keeper comes as an old man, covered in blood, and seemingly as crazy as they come, shouting how the end of the world is coming, how Ragnarok will be there....and how a side must be chosen.

Realm: This Keeper's realm is one giant battlefield, every morning the Lost wake up and begin their fight, die, and are brought home for food, drink, pleasure....and sometimes to be fixed. To be reforged.

  • Common Seemings: Elemental (Metalflesh, Earthbones, Fireheart, Manikin, Levinquick), Beast (Hunterheart, Runnerswitft, Venombite, Windwing, Roteater), Fairest (Draconic, Dancer, Shadowsoul), Darkling (Moonborn, Razorhand), Ogre (Cyclopean, Gargantuan, Gristlegrinder, Stonebones, Bloodbrute, Corpsegrinder, Render), Wizened (Chirurgeon, Smith, Soldier, Gameplayer)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Any not listed above without good argument in support of allowing it.
  • Escapees: Gunnar