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Goblin fruit, also known as Hedge fruit, is harvested primarily from the plant-like growth in the Hedge. Note that while hedge flora may seem similar to plants in the mortal world, this is appearance only. Nothing in the Hedge is bound by scientific laws and the ecology of such plant-things can be completely nonsensical. Hedge plants may not need sunlight, or water, or even soil – but they do need the things that the Hedge itself hungers for: blood, flesh, and dreams. Growing Hedge fruit is not for the squeamish. Cultivating Hedge fruit is also a fairly esoteric skill, and skill specialties in Hedgefruit are required for some tasks.

Harvesting Procedure

Single Scene / Immediate Use

If you wish to carry or use Hedgefruit harvested from your garden in a scene, simply make the necessary harvesting rolls to the ST as part of your preparation. Re-planting rolls are not necessary in this case. Preservation rolls can be made if the player desires -- though there is no point in preserving unless the scene itself is going to last more than three IC days.

All parties should keep in mind the limitation of how much fruit a character can sustain at any one time (See 'Sustenance' below.)

Fruit harvested 'for a single scene' is not tracked in any other way. Once the scene is complete, the fruit is considered 'gone' and you will need to roll a new harvest in any other scene where you wish to bring fruit along. If a scene is happening within a short IC time period (days) after a prior scene, and the fruit harvested for the prior scene was all eaten/traded away during that scene, then the ST may rule that you can't harvest again yet.


If you wish to stockpile fruit long term, you will need to submit a +request to staff.

For each plant you wish to harvest from, you need to:

1) Make a harvesting roll.

2) Make a preservation roll for the harvested fruit. NOTE: Only preserved fruits are tracked long term. Preserved fruit never expires.

3) Roll to re-plant the plant (if you wish to keep it in your garden.)

4) Specify who is sustaining any fruit you successfully harvested (i.e who's Wyrd does it count against.)

You will need to create a +note on yourself to track the hedge fruit you are sustaining long term. Staff will lock this note when the job has been processed.


Planting hedge fruit in a garden requires a Hedgefruit specialty in the Crafts skill as well as a cutting, seedling, or seeds to start the plant. These can be from an existing plant in your garden, one found wild in the Hedge, or obtained from another garden or the Goblin Market.

Roll: Wits + Crafts.Hedgefruit – difficulty penalty + fertilizer bonus.

The difficulty is 1 to 4 depending on the rarity of the plant: Here

Fertilizer bonus

+3 Fresh blood - Approximately 1 pint of fresh blood.

+1 Carcass - A dead body used as Hedge fertilizer will decay very quickly (~12 hours.)

+1 Dreams – Whisper a dream to your plants and it’s eaten. -2 Expression rolls for 1 day.

+5 Attribute – Lose one dot from a random attribute for 10-Wyrd days.

+3 Skill – Lose one dot from a random skill for 10-Wyrd days.

+2 Memory – Lose a memory forever. Memory must have some story attached to it.

+4 Sanity – Gain a random temporary derangement for 10 – Wyrd days.

Dramatic Failure: The plant dies and that type of plant cannot be replanted in the same garden for a year and a day.

Failure: The plant does not take root and dies.

Success: The plant takes root and grows.

Exceptional Success: Bountiful yield - you may roll twice the first time you harvest this plant.

A new plant will mature in about two weeks, and will bear fruit about two weeks after that, allowing for a harvest about once a month.


Contracts of Eternal Spring 4 (Yesterday's Birth) can be used to mature a plant instantly, cutting the two week growth time to zero. A dramatic failure on Eternal Spring 4 will kill the plant.

Eternal Autumn 1 (Last Breath Isaac) can be used to ripen fruit instantly, cutting the two week fruit bearing time to zero. A dramatic failure on Eternal Autumn 1 will prevent the plant from bearing fruit for a year and a day.

NOTE: Contracts are rolled at a penalty equal to the plant's rarity modifier.


Fruit can be harvested from ready plants in a Hollow (via the garden workshop merit) or from plants wild in the Hedge. No skill specialty is required to harvest.

Roll: Wits + Crafts – difficulty modifier, with applicable Hedgefruit specialty.

Dramatic Failure: You fail to harvest any fruit and the plant dies.

Failure: You fail to harvest any useable fruit but the plant survives and you can try again, once additional fruit ripens in about two weeks.

Success: You successfully harvest one fruit per success.

Exceptional Success: In addition to the fruit gained, you also harvest a Promise Leaf.

NOTE: Successfully harvesting fruit results in the death of the plant. Once the fruit is taken, the plant has no more purpose and withers. After every harvest you must re-plant, grow the new plant to maturity, and ripen fruit again. If the harvest takes place in a garden it is assumed you will always get a cutting or seeds from an existing plant before you harvest it, for this purpose.


Once removed from the plant, the fruit will start to wither and fade unless it is ‘sustained’ by someone with a Wyrd score. Sustaining fruit or oddments provides them with a tiny bit of glamour they need to continue to exist without the nutrients of the host plant. The maximum number of fruit you can sustain at any one time depends on your Wyrd:

Wyrd Fruit
1 3
2 5
3 7
4 10
5 15
6 25
7 50
8 100
9+ 200

Sustained fruit can be stored in a Hollow or elsewhere in the Hedge – but it still counts against the maximum limit someone can sustain, even if they’re not carrying it on their person. Hedgefruit cannot be stored for long in the mortal world. A fruit will decay into dust in about three hours in the mortal world unless it is carried by someone with a Wyrd rating.

The sustenance of harvested fruit can be passed to someone else simply by handing it to a willing person. The new 'owner' is now responsible for sustaining the harvested fruit. This can be any being with a Wyrd rating: Hobgoblins, hedge beasts, fae mounts, etc.

Fae Touched and ensorcelled mortals cannot sustain harvested Hedge fruit.

Hedge fruit with no sustenance does not last long: it will crumble to dust in the mortal world in a matter of minutes, or decay within roughly three hours in a Hollow or the Hedge.


Harvested fruit that is sustained by someone with a Wyrd score will last about three days before spoiling. Most fruit can be preserved to keep for an effectively indefinite time, typically through drying or being steeped into a tea. Preservation requires a Hedgefruit specialty in the Survival skill.

Roll: Intelligence + Survival.Hedgefruit – difficulty modifier for each harvest-batch you with to preserve.

Dramatic Failure: The fruit is ruined.

Failure: The fruit is not preserved and will spoil in about three days, as per usual. No further attempts can be made to preserve the same fruit.

Success: You successfully preserve a number of fruit equal to the successes rolled.

Dramatic Success: No bonus other than preserving more fruit.

From The Hedge

Finding and Harvesting Hedgefruit from the Hedge: Make a roll to locate the fruit: That would be Survival or Survival.Hedge + Int. Then an Occult or Occult.Hedgefruit + Int roll to make sure you're not picking something -awful-, and then a normal Harvesting roll. If you're in a PRP for something super hard to find, the ST needs to keep track of you finding it or not.

NOTE: Some fruits MUST be converted to a preserved form before they are even effective. These are: Coralscalp, Bloodbane, Flower-of-the-Hour, Serpent Gourd, Purity Vine, and Widowsroot.

Preserving Reference List

This is a list of Hedge Fruit that can only be preserved by one method. If it's not on the list, then you can choose either method.

Coralscalp: Dried only.

Bloodbane': Dried only.

Serpent Gourd': Cooked only.

Chu Chu Clum': Cooked only.

Cocorange': Cooked only.