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This is effectively a copy of the Kith listing of the page here, however it has been updated with SHH's House Rules which are done in bold. Where the plaintext is incorrect to the book, we treat the books as containing the correct rules. It is the responsibility of the player to be sure that they are using their Kith Blessings properly, however. This is intended primarily as a general guide and central listing.

NOTE: While staff has eliminated the limitation of Kiths to Seeming (please see the Changeling House Rules page for more information), these are organized by traditional means for ease of access and readability.


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Beast Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Beast are:

  • Fang and Talon (CtL 142)
  • Contracts of the Den (WM 19)
  • Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) 8-Again on Animal Ken and a free specialty on the animal most represented in their mien.
  • (+) Can add points of Glamour to Presence and Composure dice pool.
  • (-) -4 untrained penalty in Mental Skills.
  • (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Intelligence.

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 101 and WM 15.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Broadback Stoic Forbearance Spend Glamour for +2 to all Stamina rolls for the scene. CtL 102, WM 62
Chimera Goblin's Tongue Spend Glamour, +3 on social rolls with Hobgoblins until end of scene. WM 106
Cleareyes Primal Senses +2 to perception rolls. Spend Glamour to heighten senses. WM 67
Coldscale Reptilian Blood +1 to Composure when resisting emotional manipulation, +2 to Stamina when resisting poisons. WM 67
Coyote The Trickster's Truth Spending Willpower on a Persuasion or Subterfuge roll grants +5. If the PC's vice is Gluttony, Greed, or Lust, Manipulation cost is New Dots x 4 WM 107
Hunterheart Tooth & Claw Lethal unarmed damage. Hunterheart grants a +0L Unarmed Attack -- In addition to the lethal damage caused by their brawl attacks naturally, Hunterhearts enjoy a 9-again on rolls involving brawl if their Seeming is Beast. CtL 102, WM 63
Nix Consumptive Voice Once per day, after spending a point of glamour; anyone hearing her voice cuts social rolls by half of Nix's Wyrd. Continues until end of scene. WM 107
Riddleseeker Inquisitive Instinct Spend Glamour, for one scene, +2 to all Wits rolls except Perception (Wits + Composure). Free Investigation Specialty "Riddles". NH:GF 102
Roteater Scavengers of Nature +2 to resist poison/disease, +3 if injested, 9-again to Perception when scrounging for items. WM 67
Runnerswift Runs Like The Wind +2 to speed. CtL 102, WM 63
Skitterskulk Impossible Counterpoise Triple Defense to calculate Dodge. CtL 102, WM 64
Steepscrambler Gifted Climber +3 to all climbing actions. CtL 102, WM 64
Swimmerskin Natural Swimmer Can swim at full speed and hold breath underwater as though Stamina 7. Swimmerskins with the Strong Lungs merit multiply their Swimmerskin Kith bonus (hold their breath for up to 30 minutes) by 3, allowing them to hold their breath underwater for up to 1.5 hours. It extends the time that a Swimmerskin may hold her breath out of water as normal for the Merit. CtL 102, WM 65
Truefriend Companion's Boon Spend Glamour to grant an ally +3 on a roll. WM 67
Venombite Poisonous Bite Once per scene, player can spend Glamour to make a poisonous Brawling attack that deals no damage. It delivers a poison with toxicity equal to the changeling's Wyrd. Target cannot avoid resulting damage from poison. Normal Stam + Resolve roll. CtL 102, WM 65
Windwing Gift of the Sky Reduced falling damage. Spend Glamour to glide one minute per Wyrd dot. CtL 103, WM 66


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Darkling Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Darking are:

  • Darkness (CtL 136)
  • Shade and Spirit (WM 26)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) Spend Glamour to increase dice pool involving Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth.
  • (+) 9-Again on Stealth rolls.
  • (-) -1 to activate Contracts during the daytime.
  • (-) -2 to activate Contracts while the sun is upon the Darkling.

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 104 and WM 21.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Antiquinarian Keys to Knowledge 9-Again on Academics and Investigation rolls. Can spend Glamour to temporarily use Encyclopedic Knowledge for one question (If they already have it, they gain +3 to their roll). CtL 106, WM 68
Gravewight Charnel Sight Spend a Glamour to make user able see ghosts until end of scene. CtL 106, WM 69
Illes Shadow Beauty Once a day, spend a Glamour to gain Striking Looks ●● Merit (GMC, p170) for one hour. Gain +2 social when dealing with opposite sex. This Kith has been adjusted on this page to fit within GMC Compliance. WM 107
Leechfinger Sap the Vital Spark Spend Glamour to heal self while damaging the opponent. Deals one lethal to target, and heals either a bashing or a lethal, or downgrades an Agg damage to lethal. Usable once per scene per dot of Wyrd. CtL 106, WM 69
Lurker Larcenous Fingers 9-Again on Larceny rolls, with no penalty for poor equipment. Spend Glamour to gain a +2 to Larceny rolls. 8-Again on Stealth rolls. You only are able to have a 8-again roll if your Seeming is Darkling, otherwise it is a 9-again roll. VL 22
Lurkglider Gargoyle's Kiss Spend Glamour to fall 100 yards without taking damage, +2 to for balancing on ledges. WM 71
Mirrorskin The Mercurial Visage +3 to disguise rolls. CtL 106, WM 70
Moonborn Lunatic's Kiss Once every 24 hours, roll Int + Wyrd vs. Res + Wyrd. Both of you gain the same Madness Condition, Obsession Condition or the Spooked Condition for a day, but the victim gets a worse version of it. Ends at sunrise for Supernaturals, lasts for a month for humans. WM 71
Nightsinger Haunting Nocturne Spend Glamour, roll Perform + Wyrd vs Comp + Wyrd. Listeners gets -2 to Resolve, Empathy, Subterfuge until end of scene. Gains free Expression Specialty in a music form. WM 72
Palewraith Light's Aversion Spend Glamour, +1 to defense in shadows (Applies to firearms as well). WM 72
Pishacha Taste of Madness Spend Glamour, and lick opponent. Opponent gains mild derangement (or upgrades to major) for one week of the Changeling's choice. Can only be used once per week. WM 107
Razorhand Ripper's Gift Spend Glamour, hand becomes a knife (1L). Gain Melee Specialty Knives. Razorhands gain a +0L Unarmed Attack -- On SHH, this Kith is more in-line with the spirit of the actual kith (that is, a Darkling with big knife-like fingers). Since their special attack uses Brawl, they do not get a Weaponry Specialty in Knives, but a Brawl Specialty in Claws. WM 73
Skogsra Keepers of the Feral Heart Spend Glamour and look into bird or mammal's eyes. It becomes a loyal pet until next sunrise or sundown. WM 107
Tunnelgrub Slither and Squirm Can spend 1 Glamour to wriggle free of restraints or squeeze through tight spaces they normally would be too large to get through. Roll a Dex + Athletics for restraints, and an extended roll for things like tunnels. CtL 106, WM 71
Whisperwhisp Turncoat's Tongue 9-Again on Empathy and Subterfuge on conversation/gather info. Spend Glamour to whisper a message within earshot. WM 73


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Elemental Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Elemental are:

  • Elements (CtL 138)
  • Communion (WM 32)
  • Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) Once per day, spend one point of Glamour to increase Health by your Wyrd level for one scene.
  • (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize, except in dice pools for seeming affinity Contracts

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 108 and WM 27.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Airtouched Velocity of the Zephyr Can spend Glamour to add Wyrd to Speed or Initiative for the scene. Usable once per scene. CtL 109, WM 74
Apsaras Enthralling Mists Spend Glamour, change a target's vice to "Lust". Add Wyrd to manipulation against effected individuals. This effect lasts 24 hours. WM 108
Ask-wee-da-eed Taste of Ill Luck Spend Glamour, force a successful reroll at -1. Usable once per day. Also, +1 effect to all Contracts of the Hearth. (Those contracts that offer a bonus get an an additional +1, those contracts that offer a negative remove an extra 1). The +1 to contracts of Hearth for the Ask-Wee-Da-eed should be taken as a +1 to the effect. So For Hearth 2, you get a +5 to the bonus rather than a +4. For hearth one it becomes a -3 instead of a -2. This is a fitting bonus that works well with kith bonuses in general. WM 108
Blightbent Caustic Caress Once per day, spend a Glamour, breathe pollution. Roll Dex + Wyrd - targets stamina. Target takes one lethal per success unless they can defend. +3 to resist man-made poisons. WM 78
Di-Cang Peace of Suffering Spend a Glamour, everyone within 10 yards suffers no wound penalties until end of scene. Purchase Larceny at half cost. WM 108
Earthbones Terrestrial Might Can spend Glamour to increase non-combat Strength rolls at 1-to-1 basis CtL 109, WM 74
Fireheart Flickering Acumen Can spend Glamour to increase Wits rolls at 1-to-1 basis. CtL 109, WM 75
Levinquick Fireflaught's Vigor Spend a Glamour, +2 to speed and initiative. Lasts for a turn per Wyrd. WM 79
Manikin Artificer's Enchantment Can learn Contracts of Artifice at 5x per dot, and make untrained Crafts rolls at only -1 dice. Rather than take -1 to untrained Craft's rolls, Manikins take a free spec in Crafts congruent to their character design. CtL 109, WM 75
Metalflesh Forge's Endurance Once per day, spend a Glamour to get +1 to Stamina, Resolve, Composure for scene. WM 79
Sandharrowed Enveloping Sands +2 on grapples and escaping grapples. WM 79
Snowskin The Voice of Ice 9-Again on Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls and can spend Glamour to reroll a failed Intimidation roll. CtL 110, WM 76
Waterborn The Gift of Water Can spend a Glamour to breathe underwater and Swim at 2x Speed. Cannot breathe air until effect is over or Glamour is spent to deactivate. CtL 110, WM 77
Woodblood Fade in the Foliage 9-Again on Stealth and Survival rolls. Can spend a Glamour to hide in a normally unhideable area with decent foliage. CtL 110, WM 77


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Fairest Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Fairest are:

  • Vainglory (CtL 146)
  • Reflection (ER 34)
  • Separation (WM 40)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion
  • (+) Do not suffer a penalty for untrained social skills.
  • (-) -1 when rolling to avoid losing Clarity

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 112 and WM 35.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Bright One Goblin Illumination Can illuminate an area at will. By spending a Glamour, can make the light blinding; anyone targeting the Bright One gets a -2 CtL 113, WM 80
Dancer Fae Grace 9-Again on Socialize or Expression rolls involving agility and +1 to Dodge CtL 114, WM 81
Draconic Dragon's Talon Spend Glamour, reroll a Brawl attack, once per scene. +1 to Brawl rolls CtL 114, WM 81
Flamesiren Burning Hypnotism Once per scene, spend a Glamour, everyone looking must roll Res + Comp, or suffer -2 to all actions until scene or effect ends. WM 83
Flowering Seductive Fragrance 9-Again on Persuasion, Socialize and Subterfuge CtL 114, WM 82
Gandharva Heavenly Articulation Spend a Glamour, Expression or Persuasion rolls become an exceptional success at 3 successes instead of 5 for one scene. WM 108
Incubus Vice to Vice If target and Incubus have same vice, +1 to all social rolls. If both have Lust, +2. Free Striking Looks ● Merit (GMC, p170). If already owned, ●●. WM 108
Larcenist Thievery's Grace 9-Again on Larceny and Socialize rolls involving Agility. +1 to dodge when dodging attacks. NH:GF 63
Minstrel Perfect Pitch Spend a Glamour to reroll any failed dice on Expression roll. Harvesting Glamour from audience gains 8-Again. NH:GF 43
Muse The Tyranny of Ideas Can spend a Glamour to give a Human +2 to an Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge roll. This can stack. CtL 114, WM 83
Playmate Circle of Friends When Playmate is primary actor in a teamwork roll, add +2. If secondary, you may forgo roll to give primary 9-again. NH:GF 122
Polychromatic Prismatic Heart Reflexively spend a Glamour, +2 to resist emotional manipulation for scene. All empathy vs. Polychromatic suffers -1. WM 84
Romancer Narcissus's Blessing Subtle changes in everyone's eyes making each viewer see the Romancer with visual traits they find attractive. This causes a -3 to describe Romancer, which also applies to their clothes. Even cameras, both video and digital are affected by blessing. NH:GF 46
Shadowsoul Unnatural Chill Bonus to Intimidate = Wyrd, 9 again subterfuge. Contracts of Darkness are affinity. Does not provide additional Kith. WM 84
Succubus Vice to Vice If target and Succubus have same vice, +1 to all social rolls. If both have Lust, +2. Free Striking Looks ● Merit (GMC, p170). If already owned, ●●. WM 109
Telluric Music of the Spheres Always know what time it is, +3 on situations that require precise timing. Free Astronomy for Academics, Astrology for Occult. WM 84
Treasured Alabaster Fortitude Once per scene, spend a Glamour to retake one Stamina, Resolve or Composure roll (Not for derangement rolls.) WM 85
Weisse Frau Kiss of Life Usable once per game session, Spend a Glamour and kiss a target Target gains +2 armor. If target is younger then 13, +3. Does not stack with other armor. WM 109


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Ogre Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Ogre are:

  • Stone (CtL 144)
  • Oath and Punishment (WM 47)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl and Intimidate.
  • (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Composure (Except for perception rolls, Wits + Composure)
  • (-) -1 Penalty when using Composure as a defense trait (Subtracting defense from a characters dice pool).

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 116 and WM 42.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Bloodbrute Improvised Mayhem Spend Glamour, turn something into any weapon from the Melee Weapons Chart (GMC, p202). No -1 Improvised Weapon penalty for the Bloodbrute. WM 90
Corpsegrinder Sepulchral Hunger An enemy at half health grants +1 to the Ogre's attack rolls. Gain a +1 when fighting undead (Zombies, vampires) WM 90
Cyclopean Smell the Blood 8-Again on Wits based Perception rolls. CtL 118, WM 86
Daitya Cutting Might Spend a Glamour, ignore durability do damage to structure for one attack. Free Weaponry Specialty at creation. WM 109
Farwalker The Elusive Gift 9-Again on Stealth or Survival rolls and can spend a Glamour to reroll a Stealth or Survival roll CtL 118, WM 86
Gargantuan Spurious Stature Once a day, spend a Glamour, add Wyrd to Size. When returning to normal size, take 1 lethal damage. CtL 118, WM 87
Gristlegrinder Terrible Teeth Can use a 2L bite attack when in a grapple. Gristlegrinder grants a +1L Bite Attack CtL 118, WM 88
Oni Mouthful of Sin Spend a Glamour, bite attack once per session. Heal 1 lethal or 2 bashing for every damage dealt. Must be done on Morality 6 or less. Usable once per game session. WM 110
Render Sundering Talons When attacking w/ bare hands, ignore 3 durability in objects. WM 91
Stonebones Obdurate Skin As an instant action, once a day, spend a Glamour, gain Armor equal to Wyrd. While activated, all Dex rolls suffer -1. Defense gets a negative of 1 if Wyrd is 3, of 2 if Wyrd is 5, and so on. Does not stack with normal armor. Lasts until end of scene. The Maximum armor a character can get from Obdurate Skin is 5. This bonus does not stack but may cover areas that Mundane armor does not. (Ex: A Kevlar vest only covers the torso. Before activating the Kith Bonus, a wearer would have 1/3 armor over their torso - good for ambushes or the like. After activating, a Wyrd 3 Stonebones would have the best of the two - 3/3 - all over. However, wearing armor's defense penalty, even if that armor isn't being counted, does still apply.) CtL 118, WM 88
Troll Unyielding Voice Spend a Glamour, add Strength to any Manipulation rolls. WM 110
Water-Dweller Lie Under the Waves Can hold breath as though Stamina 7 and no penalty to sight based perception rolls underwater CtL 119, WM 89
Witchtooth Black Hex Spend a Glamour for +1 occult. +1 to activate Contracts that curse. There are goblin contracts that curse that require a roll, and other contracts that provide bad effects beyond just Hearth 1 - That would be up to the ST to decide if the contract counts, and other than that the +1 Occult is a fine kith bonus. WM 91


Below are the approved Kiths in use for the Wizened Seeming, including House Rules.
Affinity Contracts for Wizened are:

  • Artifice (CtL 134)
  • Animation (WM 52)
  • Forge (RoS 99)

They deal with the following bonuses and drawbacks:

  • (+) Spend Glamour to get 9-Again on Dexterity for the scene
  • (+) Spend Glamour to add Wyrd to dodge total
  • (-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Presence
  • (-) -2 for untrained Social Skills

More Seeming information can be found on CtL 120 and WM 48.

Kith Name Kith Blessing Blessing Description Book Pages
Artist Impeccable Craftsmanship 8-Again on Crafts rolls and can spend 1 Glamour to reroll failed dice on a Crafts roll. The 8-again bonus is able to be applied to general hedgespun (weapons, shields, etc) but not mechanical (automatons, etc). CtL 121, WM 92
Author Polyglot's Riddle 8-Again on Expression when writing. Wits + Academics to understand written text in any mortal language. WM 96
Brewer The Inebriating Elixer +4 dice to resist poisons/intoxication; spend Glamour, magically make a drink alcoholic. CtL 121, WM 92
Chatelaine Perfect Protocol 9-Again on Social rolls that deal with manners or etiquette and can spend a Glamour to get +2 to Manipulation and Presence die pools. CtL 121, WM 93
Chirurgeon The Analeptic Charm 9-Again on Medicine rolls, doesn't suffer equipment penalties on Medicine rolls. CtL 122, WM 93
Drudge Unseen Labor Spend a Glamour, complete a simple task (that takes 5 or fewer successes to accomplish) at time / (Wyrd + 1). Cannot be watched while doing it. 9-Again on Stealth rolls. WM 96
Gameplayer Grandmaster's Stratagem Spend a Glamour, win mental based board games. +3 to gamble in games that require both mental skill and luck. WM 96
Gremlin Gremlinizing Touch Once per day, spend a Glamour and touch a device (weapons included) to negate equipment bonus. WM 110
Inventor Inventive Genius 8-Again on Crafts and Science rolls involving mechanisms and devices. Spend Glamour to add Wyrd score in dice to such a roll. The 8-again bonus and Wyrd roll bonus only applies to mundane equipment rolls & mechanical hedgespun (such as automatons) but not general hedgespun (weapons, shields, etc). VL 22
Miner Tappingspeak Spend a Glamour, send a coded message through vibrations in the ground. Range is 1 mile per Wyrd. Coded message is understood by it's intended recipient. WM 96
Oracle Panomancy Can tell the future as though they had the Common Sense Merit CtL 122, WM 94
Pamarindo Gourmand's Grotesquerie Spend a Glamour, touch raw meat (Minimum one pound), Pamarindo can feed people equal to Wyrd score which nourishes for 24 hours (eater doesn't have to eat). Gain Free Tolerance for Biology Merit (GMC, p164). WM 110
Smith Steel Mastery Spend Glamour, improve a tool CtL 122, WM 94
Soldier Blade Lore Has a Weaponry specialty with Bladed weapons. As a clarification, one with the Soldier kith may purchase merits that require a specialization AS IF they had a specialization in edged weapons. These merits (Fighting Finesse, Quick-Draw, etc.) have to be with a more specific edged weapon, however. IE: Swords, Axes, Knives, and so on. *Soldier kith Lost under the Wizened seeming enjoy a 9-again on Weaponry rolls. CtL 122, WM 95
Thusser Fiddler's Delight Spend a Glamour, pick a target: A successful expression roll involving singing or playing an instrument makes target unable to act as long as performance continues or target must defend themselves from danger. WM 110
Woodwalker Wildcraft 8-Again to Survival rolls and can survive by eating any plant. CtL 123, WM 95