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New England Gentry
The King of Tales and Terror

The Taleteller

The King of Tales and Terror dwells in a nameless realm of darkness and chaos, where the only order imposed is by the story he is currently engaged in telling. He is fascinated with stories of all kinds, and is apparently determined to craft one of his own. Of course, the fact that the True Fae are incapable of creating anything which is truly new often gets in the way of this. So he does what any artist in his position would do: he steals.

Most of the time, he steals stories, earthly tales of charming princes and beautiful princesses and savage beasts. He studies them, and dissects them, and tries to take their parts and build something new from them. But it never works, and when he gets frustrated, he steals people instead. Humans create stories, after all. Maybe some human can inject the life that is so badly needed into his tales.

Changelings stolen by the Taleteller rarely see him. Their memories are more of chaotic, nonsensical stories with dire consequences: what happens when the dragon slays the prince, when the wicked witch is not thrown into the oven. But they also learn that stories have power, both in Arcadia and in the "real" world. After all, people tend to think in terms of stories. If you can control the story, you can control the characters.


Contact Aaron for information regarding this Keeper.

  • Common Seemings: Beast, Darkling, Fairest.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elemental.
  • Escapees: Aaron