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PRPs in the Changeling Sphere

What is a PRP? It is a player ran plot. A PRP can last anywhere from one scene to multiple scenes. A PRP could be in order to gain something or even for just giving a good story to the players you're running for it. However, as much as we do encourage PRPs, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Some PRPs must be approved /prior/ to being run. This is what we call a 'PRP proposal'. Once thumbs up are given you're free to run it, we tend to be wanting to be in the loop on the development of the PRP or else the scary monsters under your bed will come out and eat you. I mean, frowny face.
  • Bboard 5 aka PRP Requests is a great way to locate an ST if you're unable to find one. Furthermore, staff is more than willing to assist with helping you find an ST in turn.
  • Changeling ST and +faction ChangelingST are a wonderful resource in finding STs as well.
  • One-shot scenes no longer require informing staff. Have all the patrols, meetings, and explorations of the city and Hedge that you want. We don't need one if you're just doing a say a normal party or get together that nothing consisting of what would turn into a PRP is occurring.
  • Goblin Market scenes are only run by approved Market STs. The list of Market STs is located at the Market wiki page. ALL that is required to be a Market ST is competence at STing for Changeling and the desire to run that kind of plot. To be added to the ST list please turn in a +request ATTN:Buba or +request ATTN:Berlin.

Any further questions, please do ask (+request works best). As the saying goes: It's better to be safe than sorry!

Current PRP Incentives

  • +1 XP Incentive for a open Changeling PRP +event with 5+ more participants.
  • +1 XP Incentive for a court +event.
  • +1 XP Incentive for an event run in the Waking instead of the Hedge.

Restricted PRP Themes

The following are PRP themes that are currently restricted with limitations. Please keep this in mind when sending in a PRP proposal.

Gentry/Keeper Plots: We do not feel comfortable to bring forth Gentries/Keepers within plots ran by anyone but changeling staff at this present time. There is an exception, of course, to Becomings: an outline of the planned Becoming must be submitted before scenes are run, but Gentry may feature in those scenes. In some cases it may be possible with Staff supervision depending on the plot itself. There are other forces of Gentries/Keepers such as their Lieutenants and soldiers that /can/ very well be a dangerous thing to go against that would still give that pivotal moment in a plot. There are also other means to spice up a story that we will be more than happy to go over with you (including OMG SPOILER illusion that it's the Gentry but it's really not, it's like the wizard behind the curtain!). Obviously, there is an exception on the No Gentry for becoming plots. However, going up against them directly, rather than escaping, is still a method for near certain death and we will be enforcing that.

Arcadia Trips: You've been there once before. That place is a one way ticket and it's rare for someone to come out of it. This is especially true when you're on the Gentry's home turf. They're more powerful there, and you were lucky to come out the first time. Any PRP that includes Lost going into Arcadia, 99 percent positive that you will NOT be returning. This is, obviously, excluding becoming PRPs.

Non-Fae In Hedge: All scenes/PRPS with Non-Fae (Not being a Changeling or Fae-Touched) going into the hedge requires informing Staff before you do it. You may want to tap a staffer to oversee the scene to make sure it gores according to Theme. Trips to the Market are /exceptionally/ dangerous to Non-Changelings, and should only be attempted with extreme caution. Hollows that have a mortal world Door attached to them are exempt from this rule as long as the scene stays within the confines of the Hollow. This is generally the only kind of oversight needed on Hedge plots and PRPs. It is just that the Hedge is very dangerous for Non-Changelings and that needs to be considered.


Sometimes one is not simply coming out of CG as a Changeling but 'becomes' one, or even a Fae-Touched, or a Fae-Touched going Changeling. For these Becomings there are a few guidelines to follow. Please note that if you had any Pledges prior to your capture, they will dissolve without consequences when you are taken to Arcadia. Of course, you can just re-Pledge upon your escape. There is an entire page dedicated to a Becoming guide here.

Mortal to Fae-Touched

  • Minimum 1 scene for capture then 1 scene for escape.
  • Fae-Touched do not spend as long with the Gentry as Changeling, this is what stops the 'completion process'.


  • Two weeks off grid.
  • Minimum 1 scene for capture, 2 scenes for durance, 1 scene for escape.

Fae-Touched To Changeling

There are two ways in order for a Fae-Touched to Become into a changeling.

First Way:

  • 2 months IC on grid as Fae-Touched and a minimum of 3 Scenes: Capture, Durance and Escape..

Second Way:

  • One week off grid & minimum of 1 scene for capture, 2 scenes for durance, 1 scene for escape.

PRP Logs

In order to gain XP you must turn in a log of the PRP event. It's recommended in naming to begin it with: PRP: Name Of The Log You Want. You can find how to add a log to the wiki by starting on the logs page.

You can not earn XP AND a discount on a purchase for the same PRP scene, it's either or.

XP Level

The XP amount is ultimately the decision of staff how much is awarded for a log. It's recommended when turning in a log to include the 'level' that the PRP scene was at.

  • Level 1: This was a standard PRP scene.
  • Level 2: This proved very difficult IC, players were injured badly or were faced with a great deal of obstacles that they had a hard time getting through.
  • Level 3: Someone died or nearly died. The tasks were near impossible to succeed.
  • Extra XP: It's possible for a person or a few in a PRP to gain extra XP than the rest of the party. This can be for IC or OOC actions taken by the player(s). When submitting a request for extra XP to be given to 'x' player(s) please include the reasons why.

Please use the following template for your PRP XP award requests:

+request PRP XP=
Scene Log:
Participants: <Player1> <Player2> <Player3> <PlayerX>
Explanation: <An explanation of why you feel this merits an XP award.  This need not be very long at all.
For PrP awards higher than 1xp, this is where you justify the threat level you feel the log merits.>

NOTE: Please use character object names for the participant lists, and please don't separate the list of participants with anything other than spaces. Thank you!

Plot Tips

The following are some tips to keep in mind when running a PRP or setting one up.

  • Example -

Prior Approval Needed Plots

  • Becomings
  • Token Limbs
  • Entitlements (This does not cost anything to purchase. However, entitlements require a pre-approved PRP in order to gain outside of CG)
  • The Death Clause from Book of the Dead (Requires a PrP to be pre-approved by both Geist and Changeling staff)
  • Rare/Legendary/Unique Hedge Fruit & Oddments
  • Hedgespun Materials and/or Hedgespun Item (Needs Prior Approval from Staff)

Plots Required

  • Clarity Raises (Can be raised in a plot without prior approval for it)
  • Common/Uncommon Hedge fruit & Oddments (Can be gained in plots without prior approval for them, harvest rolls must be made in a +request)
  • Goblin Contracts Level 1-2 (Requires Log presented at time of purchase. Must be handled by approved Market ST.)