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"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals;...
...separated from law and justice he is the worst.” - Aristotle

Overview of Dash


In the other world...

xxxxx Dashiell Bertsch was one of “New Guard” of power players on the Dunlin’s Reach social and political scene. This young politician was a scion of the 3rd generation of the Bertsch family in Aleswich, but is more commonly affiliated with the Landace family. From the trendy clubs through the halls of power to the retreats of the social elite, Dash was frequently found brushing elbows with other New Guard notables such as Sandor Bailey , Kelvin King and Dawson Bryce. Married to local heroine, philanthropist and media favorite, Lucille McShaw, this Stanford educated wunderkind had all the ear-markings of future Senator, Governor, or even more. During the summer crisis, Dashiell Bertsch was found on the front lines; coordinating evacuation plans and disaster relief; leading the efforts to keep the power on and lines of communication open; and insuring State, Federal and Private resources were available to mitigate the damage and loss of life in the community. Once the chaos of those events settled he participated in efforts to get the University up to speed in time for the fall term, to recover the remains of the citizens lost to sinkholes and then fill same, and worked with local entrepreneurs to bring investment capital and industry to the county and the city to help offset the catastrophic economic fallout from the disastrous summer.

xxxxxTo the Wise of Aleswich, the Magus Defilade was a bit more complicated. This transplant to Aleswich from the Golden Bay Consilium of San Francisco and Oakland arrived as a Factotum of the Silver Ladder and had been making an impact on the local Awakened Nation ever since. In the course of Two Consilii locally he has been a Herald and the Hierarch's Provost in the first, and a member of the Hearth Master's College, a Factotum and the elected Acanthus Councilor in the second before the Adamantine Arrow Junta over the Summer of 2013. With the restoration of civilian government and the departure of Martial Law he was elected unanimously by the councilors of the Pentacle to serve as the Hierarch, which he did for his entire term of a year and a Day. At the end of his term he declined the nomination to serve in that capacity again, and after the change of power he indicated he was leaving public service to seek the Threshold of Arch mastery, being at that time a 5th Degree Master and due to the abnormal alacrity which supernatural accrued in Aleswich one of the most puissant Mages in North America, and for that matter the world.

xxxxx In his order he served as a Consilium Factotum and was seconded to an Arrow Cabal for two years in San Francisco where he served as a legal advisor to the Arrow troubleshooter cabal of The Effulgent Parable. In Aleswich he served as Claviger to Deacon Silence and then became the Deacon of the Caucus after exposing the Seer of the Throne Infiltration of the Ladder, the Mysterium, the Adamantine Arrow and the Free Council. He served as the Deacon for two years without challenge to his position, but declined seeking the rank of Magister feeling he was too young . He surrendered his seat as the Deacon of the Aleswich Caucus when he announced he would be seeking to join the Hidden Masters.

xxxxx Among the Landace family, Dash was valued as a hard-working achiever, willing to share accolades of success and shoulder the burden of taking personal responsibility. He was known for giving thoughtful counsel, but also for an impish streak of pranks. Forthright, diligent, successful and respectably married -- Dash represented a role-model the elder generation approved of; an agent of the family interests that the mature generation could depend on; a source of friendly support his own generation could turn to; and a patron of mischief and non-permitted sugar for the youngest Landace generation. When the other Great or Founding families of the area wanted to deal with the Landaces – the did so through Dash and he was considered by them to be the “family head”. In reality Dash remained respectful and deferential to the elders of his family and while he may have lead, he did so in a family of leaders; and while he may have planned, he did so relying on the consent and efforts of those he planned with.

xxxxx Dashiell was mostly unknown in the mortal occult community, as an occultist that is, but in reality he was a member of the Secret and Elite Order of the Black crow – becoming the president of the local chapter or “Querant” shortly after it reformed and in this capacity working with powerful and influential members of occult society and the other Shadow Nations. With fellows in his order he bent the society away from its founding principal of enlightened self-interest toward community service and protecting the common man from the supernatural risks they were unaware of.

xxxxx Dash had strong ties, official and informal with other Shadow Nations. From formal alliances with members of the Ferals to mutual assistance arrangements with Sin Eaters, directly or indirectly High Weaver of Greater Metropolitan Aleswich brought his influence into the Shadow, the Underworld, theHedge and stranger terrain. One of his last acts before leaving Aleswich was creating the Order of the Silver Thorn – and Changeling Cryptopoly that provided an alternative to, but not exclusion from, the Freehold of the Dragon’s Knell and the local lodges for the purpose of combining resources to combat The Gentry and working toward ending the taking of mortal into the lands of Faerie.


Dashiell "Defilade" Bertsch

Path acanthus.png

"No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it."
-Theodore Roosevelt


Order silver ladder.png

"I have gained this from philosophy: that I do without being commanded what others do only from fear of the law."

Public Face
DoB: 15 Nov 1987
Apparent Age: Mid 20's
Family Landace Family: Status: Deceased
Occupation: Formerly Deputy Mayor of Aleswich
City Status: Formerly City Hall: Status 5*
Order of the Black Crow Order Status 5 / MCI: 5
Police Status: Formerly APD: Status 3
Fame: Deceased Celebrity Politician ••
Virtue: Ambitious
Second Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Hasty

Arcane Face
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder
Order Position Deacon : Status 4
Order Rank: Famulus Superior: Rank 3
Legacy: House of Ariadne
Legacy Attainment: High Weaver: Status 3
Consilium Office
Acanthus Councilor
Consilium Offices

Hierarch, Acanthus Councilor,Hierarch's Provost, Herald, Consilium Factotum, Liegeperson
Cabal:xxxxxEffulgent Parable

Edge Tender (when Hierarch)
Hearth Master in Aleswich
Lore Keeper in San Francisco

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will,
and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

-Thomas Jefferson

Overview in this world...

xxxxx In the world where Safe Haven has arisen, Dashiell Bertsch was murdered on live Television by local celebrity and B-list movie star and television personality Barnabas Dunlin during a press conference a few weeks before the End of the World. The backlash was to some degree catastrophic, public opinion turned sharply against the Dunlins, who in turn started losing family members to accidents until something akin to an actual shooting fued was ongoing when the Apocalypse hit. There was a huge funeral and the murder went straight to National Coverage and then International Coverage when Dash’s membership of the Von Bayern family of the House of Wittelsbach was brought to the fore by angry condemnation from the Chancellor of the EU and Prince Max of Bavaria. His body was sent to Germany where he was interred at the family crypt in Munich.

xxxxx Before his murder, to the locals of what was once Aleswich Dash Bertsch was a face seen commonly enough on the local news and regional talk shows representing for City Hall. – and was perhaps most known for being married to the celebrity Lucille McShaw. To those more connected he was credited with spear-heading numerous civic improvements – from pushing through the Construction of the Bailey-Brenner sport complex that provided shelter for so many during the EotW; personally funding armor and weapons upgrades for the APD – and being behind the merging of the Dunlin’s Reach Sheriff’s department and APD which made coordinated response during the EotW possible. His fingers were on two new fire trucks arriving for the AFD and two tactical vehicles for the APD including a repurposed tracked Soviet APC. The power station was refit, the sewers upgraded and a modular wifi system for the EMS and first response all before his murder – more than one person has commented on the timely installation or arrival of those things and wondered if somehow he saw the end coming. The ship that arrived full of skilled labor and supplies was in fact The Antoinette – a Lurson Class Super Yacht that belong to Dashiell Bertsch.


RP Hooks

  • Mage: In another world he was a leader among the Wise, powerful and influential with few enemies and the respect of most, even if begrudging. In this world he was a local leader with a reputation on the West Coast and New England only, his murder set off a civil conflict within the local community despite the Martial Law enforced by Adamant Sage Kairos.
  • Connected: Defilade knew far more than he let on, and knew far more about people than one would guess. Not only have times changed, but worlds too -- still, he may know where to find treasures unexpected even here.
  • Hierarch: Defilade was a Hierarch in a version of this world -- he is certainly weakened, but that probably won't shake his sense of authority.
  • Acanthus: Defilade is an Acanthus -- he works with Fate and Time every day and has a special relationship with the region itself. Perhaps you are looking for a hook up, or a way out?
  • Silver Ladder: Vox Draconis – do you need advice? Moral Support? Guidance on how to help a sleeper overcome The Lie without the Guardians of the veil black bagging you out of your bedroom? Perhaps he can help you. Are you a Thearch? Want to confer on a matter of Cryptopoly, conspire or even machinate? Do you need someone to tell you what do in general? The Silver Ladder can help you! Dash is a Famulus Superior in the Silver Ladder and so a senior member of the local caucus when it is rebuilt. Perhaps he can help you, or you can help him help others.
  • Politics: Will he get involved with mortal politics again or eschew such matters? Do you want him to get back involved? Stay out of it? Help you with a political scenario?.
  • San Francisco: Dash lived there until mid-2012, and worked in local and Nor Cal politics, perhaps you met? Are you a mage from the Bay area? If so you may know Dash as Defilade – did his cabal help you? Thwart you? Did you hear about the “incident”?
  • Kappa Sigma: Dash is a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, are you? Did you hate those guys where you went to school? Did you date some? Dash usually wears his Stanford ring with the Greek letters on it so you can identify him as such.
  • Awesome: Are you awesome? Do you stand out for some reason that would attract his attention? Let me know. I don’t mean famous, or just rich or powerful, or hot; I mean something of substance that makes you *awesome*. Do you think Dash is awesome? Feel free to start a fan club and stalk him.
  • Barfly: Four years as a Fraternity Man, two years as a hotshot politico in NorCal, two years with a Work Hard = Play Hard Adamantine Arrow Cabal -- Dash *can* party. Should he? Some interested parties do not approve. That said there was no underground rave; no velvet rope, no V.I.P. only spot that would not let him pass through. He was just lucky that way. Having a party, maybe he will attend.
  • Landace: Are you a Landace? If so, not only does Dash wants to meet you, he wants become invested in your success. From someone to bounce ideas off of to joining you on trips to cursed islands to confront lobster gods, Dash is personally committed to the success of the family and its members. Except evil ones, if you are evil, better to *not* let him know about it. Dash was the "family head" for the Landace family, but ICly he took his notes from family consent and the NPC elders of the family just like anybody else of his generation -- in this case Family Head is more like "trouble shooter" or "point man" if you had a problem, or a idea you wanted to foster, he was a good point of contact to get that done. Now, his status with the local versions of the Landaces is very much up in the air.
  • Fame: Despite efforts to avoid this, too much exposure to the local media, even in the periphery had ushered Dash into the realm of the famous. Do you recognize him? Do you wish to curry his favor? Offer him yours? It isn't movie star / media icon fame its more Handsome Young Politician fame. Also famously murdered by a celebrity fame...
  • Lucy McShaw: Were you a fan of local heroine Lucy McShaw? If you had a business or media deal to offer her, Dash might have been an avenue to reach her. If you are a stalker or a creeper, you might think Dash was in your way. I'm open to either hook, but in the later case remember its not me you have to worry about...
  • APD: Were you a member of the Aleswich Police Department? Dash isn't BUT he was the liaison between the Mayor's office and Law Enforcement. Dash was very interested in helping the solve rates high and the injury incident reports low, if you had ideas you could take a chance. Common sentiment had been that he is very supportive of the department and its personnel and was a friend to the blue line.
  • Antoinette: The Luurson Super Yacht with the two helicopter pads and the boat tender rig the size of a shopping center and capable of holding the population of a small town in Maine? Yes, Dash was known to fly back and forth to it, and he didn't bring it up. Yes, it did first arrive bearing a French Princess who spent some time in Aleswich in 2012-2013. She left, it stayed. Yes, it was diplomatically registered with the State Department and protected by the Federal Republic of Germany Diplomatically on behalf of the Von Bayerns. Certainly, it did play host from time to time with visiting titled dignitaries from Europe, typically off from the Aleswich area in international waters. And yes, its true a certain Prince of Liechtenstein was once in residence there if the flag being flown in addition to the Von Bayern crest was an indication. No, Dash *really, really* doesn't seem to want to talk about it.

- Nemeses -

A different world, but until I *know* you're dead, we aren't through.

For all I know you sent me here.

xxxxxIf I have to claw my way
xxxxxthrough Arcadia itself,
xxxxxxxxxxIf I have to shred all barriers of time or space,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAt the end of your life,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you will find me laughing.


xxxxxI asked for coffee,
xxxxxyou brought me a stapler.

xxxxx I asked you to make copies,
you took a nap in the supply room.

xxxxxI told you to answer the phone,
xxxxx you took out your cell,
xxxxxand said no one was there.

God bless you, Pete the Douchey Intern, because nobody else will.


Deeds speak more truthfully than words

xxxxxIf secrets were to be told, then people would know you are my better half. Time and time again you have been the one to pull me back from decisions that would have been fatal for those who have vexxed me. You are the hand that stays my finger off the red button, off the trigger. When I am lost in the input of myriads of concurrent timelines, past occurrences and branching possible futures, you are the lighthouse that shines me back to shore. When my burdens get to heavy, you pull me back up and dust me off. It is for you most of all that I strive to be a better man, to be a sage amongst Lions, to not just have power but to be worthy of that power. Now, its your turn to walk the path of Sages -- may I be but half as supportive to you as you have been to me, and you will write your legacy in the heavens themselves.


xxxxxThis City, That City, This World, That World even Ananke weave our paths together. When I am too serious, you remind me to laugh. When I just want to study magic, you remind me of my duty to the outside world. When others disrespect me, you beat the shit out of them. You tell everyone I'm a Prince, then mock me for being one. Being friends with a Monkey King is a complicated thing, but worth the effort.


xxxxxI had five older brothers, who all had different parents, but who were my brothers all the same. You are the only one to survive, and I still think about you and the others often. My master molded me into a Thearch, my Seeker attuned me into a Metropolitan, but you and our fallen brotehrs, made me into a man worthy of the Destiny laid before him. From you I understood the beauty and truth of the Arrow Phalanxes, and doing so made me a better man and a better wizard. I would not be a Sage without those lessons, I would have been a far poorer Hierarch without that inspiration. I miss you all, but I miss you most of all, big brother.


xxxxx When you were an apostate and I was a Herald, I knew that there was greatness in you. You fought your way up, into the Mysterium, and hard work and dedication have resulted in your advancement both in your order and the Consilium. My provost, our Hearthmaster, my friend. If my parents had given me a sister, I would hope she would be like you. Kind, charitable, loyal, ferocious. We share not a path, not an order, not a legacy but all of that means very little compared to this simple truth -- I know you have my back, and you know I have yours.


xxxxx "Jeeves" came with the Antoinette, and even before he awoke and went on to join the Arrow he was a formidable gentleman, in addition to being one of the mostly and diversely trained "body guards" one could hope for. It seemed sort of awkward keeping him on as the Gentleman's Gentleman and "Chief Butler of the Household" when he himself was an awakened mage -- but it was even more unconscionable to discharge him from his well deserved and completely qualified position because of *my* hangups about the role of the Wise. Truth be told, keeping my family safe and my person secure was a role that an Arrow could take. I respect his service and perhaps if I can capture the Chapter House of *this* world, he can take up the "role" of Chief Butler there while running security in reality, like a Banner Warden might.

Lou 6.jpg

xxxxxOnce upon a time, the City lead me to find my future apprentice. But, being the prankster that she is, Fate actually lead me to where *two* of my apprentices to be were at. Foreshadowing can be fun. So many lifetimes, and let's be honest, many of them truly traumatic -- you have the wisdom of ages -- and sometimes the habit of the venerable to pick up in a conversation halfway in, forgetting that not everyone knows what you are talking about.
xxxxxFortunately for me, I usually can catch up. You were a dutiful apprentice, I am proud of your work for the Order. You have the makings of an even better Metropolitan, the House of Ariadne is blessed to have you. I left our Aleswich in your care -- and it seems other plans were had for now we are together in a
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSafe Haven and perhaps are the caretakers of the last City on Earth. No pressure.


xxxxxWhen I needed a strong ally in City Hall to help me keep the forces of Chaos and Darkness at bay, Fate provided you. I couldn't have asked for a more talented or visionary ally, and you didn't just get what I was doing in city government -- you got what I was *doing*. You presented an ideal of mage/fae cooperation that I could sell to my entire order, and from that the entire Awakened Nation; like the realization of a hope I had been nurturing. I believe, you believe, we believe and from that shared belief, wonders will follow.

Things of Note:


"It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape."
-Thomas Jefferson

  • Presence •••••

  • Resolve ••••••

  • Stamina •••••

  • Composure ••••••

  • Destiny •••••

  • Etiquette •••••

  • Inspiring

  • Striking Looks •• "Commanding"

  • Barfly

  • Occult (Geomancy, Cartomancy, Scrutiny) •••••

  • Politics (Local Politics) •••••

Legacy acanthus house of ariadne.png


  • Acanthus get psyched song – Guadalcanal Diary',

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Black clad preacher on a mountain road
Lifts his voice in tongues unknown
Barefoot dancing on burning coals
Covered by the night

With torch aloft and eyes aglow
Gaze into the fire below
Drawn by something they don't know
Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

  • Silver Ladder Cryptopoly” – Olivia Newton-John',


Come take my hand, you should know me
I've always been in your mind
You know that I will be kind
I'll be guiding you

Building your dream has to start now
There's no other road to take
You won't make a mistake
I'll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin' can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don't let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive, destiny will arrive
I'll bring all your dreams alive, for you

  • Defilade vs. Lucien – Jonathan Coulton w/ John Roderick',


Being a brilliant man
Going to great expense
Devising a master plan
Doesn't make much sense
Unless you find the one you're destined to destroy
Now that you're here I don't seem that crazy do I?

Could it be that you need me
To keep you out, to run you faster
Promise me you'll let me be
The one, the worst of all your enemies
Pretending you're a friend to me
Say that we'll be nemeses

  • Silver Ladder vs. The Lie – Garbage ',

The World is Not Enough

I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal
I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from wanting too much

The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart my love

  • Lucy: Why there is a Kinder, Gentler, Me. - Brian Wilson',

God Only Knows

I may not always love you

But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it

God only knows what I'd be without you

If you should ever leave me
Though life would still go on believe me
The world could show nothing to me
So what good would living do me

God only knows what I'd be without you

  • Some mistakes are the best decisions you ever make - Ewan McGregor and Renne Zellwegger',

Here's to Love


AcanthusDash.jpg Tarot Reading 1.png DashLight.jpg
TheBertchs.gifxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FridgeMagnet.jpg
Bertsch Family History:

xxxxxGeorge Bertsch escaped Aleswich and the pressure to become a minister like his father by joining the Army as soon as he graduated from High School. Leaving behind his parents and his younger sister, Beth he served his country, and was stationed in West Germany for his first tour. In a Munich beer garden celebrating Oktoberfest, George Bertsch met Klara von Bayern – a student at the University of Munich – and despite any reasonable sense they fell in love. While this may have pleased fate, it was less agreeable to Klara’s aristocratic family who perhaps rightfully felt a common American soldier was not worthy of their bloodline, despite the Bertsch line being a fine and respected German family.

xxxxxGeorge considered they were correct, and after earning a degree, he then earned his commission as an officer and he and his wife then rotated around the world, him soldiering and she teaching school. Eventually, as these things happen, Klara discovered she was pregnant and months later delivered her son into the world. George, a fan of hardboiled detective stories named his son for an author of same in exchange for giving up the battle with Klara to bequeath a string of “family” names upon the lad between his first name and his last. The birth of a child did not melt the ice between George and his father, but it did dispel the displeasure of Klara’s and so regular family visits and vacations cemented the family connection.

xxxxxDash would not come to Aleswich, Maine then, until the passing of his Grandfather whom he had never met. Beth, his aunt, had married into the regionally important Landace family years before and George was friends with several officers who bore that last name and with whom he swapped drinks and stories of the town of Aleswich. Discovering a new stock of cousins was a pleasant shock to Dash, and that they spoke English an additional pleasure. For the remainder of his childhood he returned to Aleswich at least once a year for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, and the alternating summers – alternating with his European relatives. Between the stories swapped by the men he admired, and then the seasonal visits, Dash developed a nostalgic fondness for Aleswich that would sometimes bring the town to mind when he was far away, give him a smile, then he would move on.

xxxxxGeorge “retired” to Ashland Oregon, where he took a position running the R.O.T.C. program at Southern Oregon State University and where Klara became a Professor for Secondary Education. Dash got into Stanford, moved south and joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity. No more visits to Aleswich for family holidays – instead he’d travel abroad with his fellows or link up with his Von Bayern cousins for some blowing off of steam before throwing himself back into his studies. It was in the summer between his Sophomore and Junior years that his Reality changed – San Francisco came alive and inspired him while terrifying him. The Prudential building had a light shining from the top of the Pyramid and he made his way there around hosts of shining elves who were hunting him and patrols of hungry ogres who were acting as the hounds for the hunting. When he finally made it inside, the receptionist indicated he had to sign in – and handed him a small chisel and hammer while pointing at the wall. After signing reality snapped back to normal and he found he was in the Prudential building standing at a water fountain.

xxxxxA Law professor from Stanford that was often jokingly referred to as “Gandalf” by many students introduced himself and then whisked young Dash to the Chapter House for the Silver Ladder Caucus of San Francisco to explain his new life as one of the Wise and making Dash regret every one of those Gandalf the Grey jokes. While finishing school the Apprentice Defilade was lead through his Elemental Challenges, and then after his formal induction into the Order he started his formal studies to become a factotum studying at the famed Collegium there in San Francisco. Once he was awarded his Factotum robe he was seconded to the Adamantine Arrow Cabal “The Effulgent Parable” to officially provide them ready access to answers regarding the Lex Magica for field applications, and unofficially to provide a source of restraint the recklessly adventurous and sometimes flagrantly indiscrete cabal. The Ruling Council might have forgotten that Defilade was all other things aside, a Fraternity Brother and mayhap did not expect the young Thearch to embrace and participate instead of rein in the Quiver of the Effulgent Parable, but same suggest that was their plan all along. Armed with a clever lawyer, the Effulgent Parable only increased their heroics and slipped away from condemnation or punishment time and again while complaint after complaint was dismissed with legal precedent, exceptions or just well-argued cases for mitigation based on exigent circumstances.

xxxxxIn the late spring of 2012, the defenses of the Effulgent Parable cabal house dropped without warning. A Tremere Lich the cabal had been hunting gained access and devoured the Door Warden before an alarm was raised. What followed was a terrible battle with increasing Vulgar applications that resulted in a tear into the Abyss opening and chittering-hungry things pouring into the already wrecked building. Having been flung clear of the building by sheer luck, Defilade saw the Effulgent Parable’s greatest rivals, the Guardian cabal known as the Tenebrous Solution making their way into the cabal house. His last orders having been to warn the Consilium, he escaped the carnage and reported to the Silver Ladder Caucus. The Guardians reported the entire cabal dead, and when they learned Defilade was alive, they demanded he be made available for questioning about what occurred. The Silver Ladder declined, but then suggested Defilade should leave town while this matter was looked into.

xxxxxLeaving behind his mortal job working in NorCal politics, Dash went home. George, trying to be helpful and thinking his son need a job, arranged for Dash to get a temporary position with Beth Landace back in Aleswich while she finished the term she was filling in for. New England was even further away, and there were no mages of note there – just the nearby Consiliums of Bangor and Portland, so he took the offer. Arriving in Aleswich he discovered there *was* a Consilium. There were scores of Mages. And there was a prophecy of Doom. Realizing the only way to insulate himself was to be fully entrenched, Defilade jumped in with both feet.

The View:

Where we examine one wizard's opinions...

Order adamantine arrow.png
  • Adamantine Arrows:

xxxxx"There have been Arrows who were as if my brothers, and those who were literally my family. I am a big fan of the Adamantine Arrows and their traditional mission. The Arrows of the Awakened Nation safeguard us from known threats and insure the Diamond Orders can pursue their missions with a semblance of safety, they are one of the foundations upon which stability and civility are built. In this world it seems the Awakened Nation was wiped out, perhaps completely. It is critical then that we support the few Arrows who have come to this timeline. We need more - the human race depends on it."

Order guardians of the veil.png
  • Guardians of the Veil:

xxxxx "I have not seen any Guardians yet. I suppose considering the circumstances, perhaps I wouldn't. But if they are not revealed soon, by the Oracles I will reinvent them from the ground up. Just like the original Sages who became the Vox Draconis did in the dawning of Atlantis. Just a bit less zealous this time perhaps."

Order mysterium.png
  • Mysterium:

xxxxx"From a humble acorn a mighty Oak may grow. That will have to work the same here, but fortunately the Mystagogues I have connected with upon her are from "humble", but are instead solidly accomplished. Then again, with that accomplishment perhaps there is ambition. And perhaps it is felt that this time the Mystagogues should set the pace and lead. I am willing to step out of the way, but first you'll have to put me down. It's hard to walk when you're up in the air."

Order silver ladder.png
  • Silver Ladder:

xxxxx“Because I know what the Silver Ladder did in our own timeline; I can see the marks of our efforts in this. In some ways, they did more here than we did there, but in the most critical area it seems they failed. Then again, what population we have can be credited to some degree to the Dead Thearchs. That is the past, in the present I see the Thearchs who came from my own timeline stepping up and providing order and leadership, just like they should be. I have to ask myself though -- should I offer to take the reins? Or should I simply fade into the background and work on the larger tapestry I see? One has to wonder if one is even wanted at the helm when one is no longer half the Magus one used to be."

Order free council.png
  • Free Council:

xxxxx“So far, no sign of the Libertines. If the show up I am afraid I cannot indulge them as I have in the past. I don't have time for long debates about form or who should be in charge, frankly, a duel settles the matter faster and more definitively if reason alone won't suffice. First we save the human race, then, if the Libertines want to separately assemble, Oracles bless them. For now, we go the Diamond Way -- it guided us through previous Dark Ages and none has been this dark since the Fall of Atlantis. I'm not even sure *that* was this dark of an age."

Werewolf the forsaken2.png
  • Werewolves:

xxxxx"Werewolves are an ancient and proud people. The are not Human. If they live peaceably within the nations of Man, if they protect humanity from the depredations of the Shadow, then leave them in Peace at least; help them if they will take it if you can. If they prey upon humanity - They Die. Yes, this is not the tolerant view of my past. I'll be more tolerant when the human population exceeds the minimum number to reasonable expect us to not go extinct."

Vampire the requiem2.png
  • Vampires:

xxxxx “Vampires need to feed on people. That's a fact. Can a vampire provide enough benefit or contribution to make up for the blood they are taking? Voluntarily donated? If not -- sorry, you can have the stake and the long slumber until things change if you are reasonable, or can face the sun if you aren't. Apocalypse Rules.”

Changeling the lost2.png
  • Changelings:

xxxxx “Tens of thousands of people owe their lives to the work of a Changeling, in this world, just like in mine.
xxxxxxxxxxThe Lost are *humans* taken by the Fae into Faerie-land beyond the Hedge but shy of the Abyss. They are warped and mutated there and riddled with the energy of that land, but at their core, they are human. They cannot awaken, because the process of the abduction damages their soul. That means every human taken by the Fae is Lost to the Awakened Nation. Every time they take someone they kill a spark that could have been one of the Wise.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis is a crime worse than actual murder.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe "Gentry" or "Keepers" are a Clear and Present Danger to the Awakened Nation and the Human Race. The Lost are victims of a war they do not even understand when they are taken. We *owe* them more.
xxxxxxxxxxWe should be doing more to help them. I realize they hide and lie and even lash out, but who can blame them? We are supposed to be Wise. Mercy and Compassion are part of that Wisdom.
xxxxxxxxxxYet, a few reached out. A few were willing to trust and in that trust *Amazing* works were created. We are better with them then without them, The Lie enabled their abductions, for all we know the
xxxxxxxxxx Exarchs granted these Gentry permission to take people as part of the driving them from Supernal Arcadia into the lesser reflection they call Arcadia now.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Now, we have less room to debate. They will stand with us, or we will all fall."

  • Possessed:

xxxxx“I'll make this short and easy.
xxxxxNo ephemeral entity has the right to compromise the Imperium of any human. I don't care if it was voluntary. It was an act of hubris to accept the offer, or make the offer -- or perhaps just ignorance, or foolishness. I don't care. Exorcism, unwilling or not. And then the offending spirit is destroyed. Its a line in the metaphysical sand, don't cross it."

Geist the sin-eaters2.png
  • Sin-Eaters and Geists:

xxxxx“I fear the Super-Mediums have all perished in this Apocalypse. If not, great, we can use them. If so... its a damn shame."

Hunter the vigil2.png
  • Hunters:

xxxxx“I admired what it took in my world to be a hunter.
xxxxxNow, amateur hour is over, no offense. Now if you want to hunt monsters, we will guide you, we will train you, or you can stay out of the way and let the professionals handle it -- because it was you hunters and your particular allies that basically made *this* timeline crumble, and I've got no patience to humor you right now. "

  • Mortals:

xxxxx “So far I've found every human I've met to be a sleepwalker or a member of a Shadow Nation. That means potentially the human race could wake up -- Hierconis is really close. That's great! But here is the thing... barely more than 20,000 humans accounted for. We're closer to extinction than we are to universal awakening -- so the new rules is, we don't kill any human, for any reason, period. We can't afford to lose anyone. I don't care how messed up they are, we take them prisoner or drive them off. If they want us to fix their head as part of terms of release and integration, fine, if not -- they can still *work* or we can pocket space them away on ice. Its about Genetic potential... if they won't be human beings, they can be gene variation on standby. That is the harsh reality, its a numbers game and right now the numbers suck."

The Landace Family:

One would be hard-pressed to dislike a Landace
Beth -- My father's sister, and my in to the Landaces, her Honor the Mayor. In this world she is dead. But the spark of her remains... how does one interact with the Aunt of the Dead you who is now a God?

  • Joshua -- Uncle Joshua, or this world's me's Uncle Joshua. City Council, and consulting with an Urban Diety. Do I avoid you to spare you the pain, or because I don't want to see the rejection in your face because you know the me that was yours is dead.

  • Shani -- I have kept an eye out for Gus, I hoped I could bring him to you when we were reacquainted after Shepard told me you were here. Oracles know I see all that we need from you, but I hate to put too much on you with your heart still unaccounted for.

  • Marcus and Lee-- Two of the finest people I know. I am relieved to have such solidly capable and moral Mages with us here -- but I feel terrible that our own timeline was robbed of your promise just after you finished your hard won victory in concluding your apprenticeships.

  • Annabelle and Tomeu -- Blah blah blah, nothing is official blah blah blah. Look, you don't need to be fortune teller to see where your relationship is going. But I am a fortune teller, and I see where this relationship is going. Hellish Temporal Parallel or not.

  • Fallon and Nyudo -- I am concerned that with the two of you here, this world's bad ass quotient may have been exceeded.

  • Shepard and Belle-- Even though you were torn up by worry for your wife and daughter, you stepped into the Limelight and organized not only the Awakened you found, but made terms with the Fae as well. I think this world would have been fine in your hands, without me at all. That your wife has arrived is good news for, though its true I wouldn't wish this world on anybody unless they had it worse. Maybe this time around the Landaces should just to look to you, they would be in good hands and I'm not even sure I qualify anymore.

  • Caleb Sullivan -- Dauntless, Focused, Productive. You may have grown up away from the family in Aleswich and with another surname, but brother, there is no doubt you are a Landace through and through. All the best qualities they can hope for, a bastion against the darkness that would consume us all.

  • April -- So... you are newly awakened and a Thyrsus. Well, you certainly stuck to the family standards on that one. Finding someone to foster you in the family, that's the easy part. Helping you find your Order, considering your background as a teacher not so hard. Finding the *right* member of your future order, now that could be a problem. Sometimes those the most eager to do so are the worst possible candidates. Don't worry though, they got you covered.

The McShaw Family:

Duty and Community

Brian -- It has been a big year for you Brian. You weathered an Apocalypse. You have a son, full grown, that you never knew you had AND we found your missing wife alive and well in Manhatten as a Famulus Superior of your Order. You have a grand-daughter who technically *is* a princess making you calling her that okay, though I doubt that would have stopped you. I know you have little patience for my "posh ways", but I think you should know my respect for you is genuine, I leave my family with you. I realize they are your family too, but you know what I mean.

Ben -- He drinks like a Sailor, Swears like a Scotsman, is a rock in stormy seas and is absolutely no help at all keeping his wife from treating me like a piece of meat. If I was the King of Scotland I bet he'd... you know what, let's not even go down that path. Never mind.

Dorthea -- Delightful, charming, a great baker (I won't comment on her traditional Scottish entrees), Lecherous and Bawdy. I am so glad that now Lukas can get the crocks down from the high shelves or bend down to get those biscuit tins.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLukas -- Herald, Famulus, Computer God. If I must have a little brother, it doesn't suck that he's pretty much a bad ass.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNow if only I can do something about that wardrobe.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI mean, I get its Maine, but flannel? What are you doing, cutting down trees?

The Bailey Family:

Vitners, Distillers, Heroes.

Sandor -- My Sandor -- Sealgair -- is left behind in the world that "won". I have met some of your cousins, I wonder if they know how you died here. Are are you alive, but never have awoken? I'll find out and if you are dead, I'll do my best to see to your bones.

Eliana -- I don't know your fate in this world -- but I will try to find you if you are to be found. Lucy would have wanted that.

Cosette -- While I didn't know you well, finding out your fate is still the right thing to do.

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