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xxxxxDawn, a reality native, was born on the Passamaguoddy reservation to Tene and Donald. She was one of two children, having a younger brother named Dusk, both named after the time of which they were born. Tene was a teacher while Donald worked within the logging industry as a conservationist promoting renewable forests. Life was good for the family, the two children doing well in school, and within reservation life.

xxxxxDawn would gain the notice of the tribe's shaman upon noticing the young girl seeming to talk to herself one day. While everyone else just thought she was talking to her imaginary friend as all young kids often have, it was the Shaman who realized she was talking to a Spirit. Dawn would become the shaman's apprentice at age 7, and continue until the shaman's death during the End of the World times. While this went against the usual way, Dawn was the only child in a very long time who'd shown any gifts with the spirits, and the Shaman needed a proper apprentice to teach the old ways too. The Elders of the tribe did not exactly approve of this, but it was the Shaman's choice to continue to teach the young girl.

xxxxxThen came the End of the World. Dawn's parents would both die in the events that surrounded it, along with her mentor, the Shaman. As for her brother, she's uncertain what has happened to him. Since then, she's been helping out around Safe Haven Harbor, having set up a home for herself down at the Bay. She volunteers to walk patrols, trading things she's grown or found with others in the city.

xxxxxThough here recently... something odd.. has happened to her. She has not quite gotten a clear understanding of just what yet, beyond gaining the attention of a greater spirit. She was asked if she would become the guardian to a place, which she agreed to. What it entails and means for her future is still unknown.

Sphere: Immortal Warden
Date of Birth: March 20, 1987
Apparent Age: Twenties
Occupation: Occultist / Shaman
Virtue: Generous
Vice: Hmm.

Wits: ●●●
Presence: ●●●
Empathy: ●●● (Motives)
Occult: ●●● (Shamanism, Spirits)
Persuasion: ●●●● (Negotiation)

Invocation: ●●
See Spirits: ●●
Visionary Trances: ●●●●
Weather Control: ●●●●

Language: (Passamaquoddy)
Striking Looks: (Cordial)
Striking Voice: (Compelling)
RP Hooks

⦿ Reality Native: She was born and raised in this reality, never knowing anything different.

⦿ Passamaguoddy: She is part of the local tribe, or what's left of it.

⦿ Shaman: Trained since age 7, she has taken up the role unofficially of the tribe Shaman with the death of the old one during the EotW happenings.

⦿ Spirits: She had dealings with them from time to time before, though these days, it would seem she's dealing with them even more.

⦿ Immortal Warden: She has recently found herself with a new 'job', though there might be a few aspects of it, that she doesn't quite know about just yet.

⦿ Territory: As a Warden, her territory covers most of Safe Haven Harbor. (Grid: SH05-SH06,SH08-SH12)


⦿ Tene Soctomah: Mother. I miss you every day.
⦿ Donald Soctomah: Father. I miss you every day.
⦿ Dusk Soctomah: Brother. Where are you? Are you alive or dead?



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