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Some things were better lost than found.
Stephen King - The Dead Zone

xxxxxI have been gaming for almost 25 years. My gaming experience began with Old World of Darkness: Werewolf the Apocalypse, which I did for almost 5 years. During those five years, I became one of the lead STs for the game. Since then, I've played oWoD, GURPs, Star Trek and nWoD. I've played enough characters that I can no longer remember all of their names, though my favorites still stick with me.

xxxxxI've been working on websites, and later expanded into wiki, for over 20 years. I ran my own graphic arts company for over a year before two of my clients went out of business (due to legal issues, not from me), which cost me my business, though I still do a lot in the graphics areas of web design. I've got experience in wiki-code, CSS, Flash, Perl, HTML and more when it comes to web design languages.

xxxxxSince the beginning of my roleplaying career, I've been intrigued by the possibilities of the spirit world. I've run hundreds of storylines based on the spirit realms, and love the one in nWoD because it doesn't have the limitations the others did. The idea of ANYTHING being possible in the spirit world is entirely too enticing to me. I love messing with PCs when it comes to the scenes I run.

xxxxxI chose the name DeadZone because I love Stephen King, and honestly, I love Maine. It just seemed a little too perfect, so I had to take it. I lived in Maine for 18 months when I was a child, and the memories of it still draw me in. I found Maine to be a wonderful, fun filled, exciting place to be. I'd move back, but the cold up there would turn my husband and daughter into popcicles.

xxxxxMy jobs on SHH are varied. I am your Spirit, Astral and Ghost Staffer, Immortal staffer, Werewolf Staffer and I assist with mage when I'm needed. I am also your wiki staffer. I also take care of things that the Headstaff ask of me, and do it with a grin, for the most part. You'll often find my name tagged to awarding Beats or XP spends, as well. I've got a lot on my plate, and I am working on a little of everything almost all the time.

xxxxxI play Alexandra, Mage, Thyrsus, Mysterium. I also play a mortal+, wolfblooded for the game named Jazz.

xxxxxIf I'm online and not Dark, please feel free to send me a page. If I'm busy running a PrP for folks, I'll let you know. I'm also good with people sending me @mail and sending in +req ATTN: DZ.

xxxxxWhat's Expected & What's Given

  • I never schedule PrPs on any day but Wednesdays and Saturdays. I cannot guarantee play times on Tuesday or Thursdays. Monday and Friday I only log in to do XP spends and Beat jobs, and that's usually very late at night. Sunday is my day to play, so I am Dark on Sundays. Please don't ask me about your jobs on my player-bits, or page me when I'm Dark. I'm usually busy handling +jobs between poses, or working on the wiki. It gets difficult to do that if I'm getting pages all over the place.
  • In exchange for your cooperation with my schedule, I guarantee that when I'm running your PrPs, I am focused on that story, and that only. I don't do jobs during PrPs, and I work hard to get the necessary materials set up for those PrPs. I try to see to it that your goals are met for the PrPs, and in a fun way. I don't believe that every scene I run has to be dangerous, though it will be dangerous if what you're needing takes us to dangerous places.
  • Anytime you need my assistance with something, just send me an @mail, a +request ATTN DZ or a page (if I'm not Dark). I like to keep the door open should anyone need my help. Given my various responsibilities, I try to remain available when I'm on. So, whether it's assistance with your wiki, a Spirit question, the need for a PrP to be designed to get you into the Shadow/Hisil, feel free to ask.
  • I work on the jobs I'm assigned to when I first log in. I also check my @mail when I log in, so please be patient with me if I'm slow in responding to pages. In the evening, about an hour before I intend to log out, I take care of XP spends and Beat jobs.
  • I promise there will be at least one Mortal+ event, one Immortal plot, one Werewolf plot and one Shadow/Hisil plot beginning, or in the works, per month. They will begin, if they are not already in process, at the beginning of the month every month. The information for these will be posted on the +bb, and the Mortal+ events will be posted on the +events board. So please be sure you're checking these regularly. If anyone has ideas they'd like to see run, but don't want to run themselves, feel free to let me know.

xxxxxDeadZone's Weekly Schedule

  • SUNDAY - Sunday is my day to work on what I feel needs the most attention in the game.
  • MONDAY - Monday evenings I am not available.
  • TUESDAY - Tuesdays are devoted to the wiki. This is the time you should let me know if there are issues that I have not dealt with in regard to the wiki.
  • WEDNESDAY - Wednesdays are completely devoted to PrPs and The Shadow/Hisil. As I devote 100% of my attention to those I'm running PrPs for, Spirit work is secondary.
  • THURSDAY - Thursdays are focused entirely on the spheres that I'm planning plot work for, Werewolf and Immortal.
  • FRIDAY - Fridays belong to my family. I will not be online at all on Friday, unless something unusual has happened to changed my family plans.
  • SATURDAY - Saturdays are set for PrPs and Shadow/Hisil work. The same rules apply to Saturdays as Wednesdays.

xxxxxNow, as a note, Tuesday and Thursdays I will not be online until the evening hours. You'll be able to find me online after 10pm EST. Wednesday, I will be on around 4pm EST. Saturday is a bit more complicated. Some of them, I'll be able to be on as early as 4pm EST and others I can't be on until around 10pm EST. Saturday PrP appointments will be set up at specific times based on those conditions. I know this list is a lot more than many need or want to know, but given my scheduling issues, I felt it was necessary to make sure it was posted for all to see, so there were no issues in the future. Thanks!

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