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“You've never lived until you've almost died, for those who fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know. ”

– Anonymous

Things You Probably Shouldn't Know

xxxxxDylan is a native. She was the middle child of a very normal family. She was also the let down of that family. Her older brother was a sports God around the area (Aiden Hunter). Her younger sister was the darling of the town (Tiffany Hunter). Her father worked with money and her mother kept house (Gary and Mary) all very Leave It To Beaver ish. Dylan wore black and enlisted in the Army as soon as she could.

xxxxxThen the world fell apart. She doesn't want to talk about it. Her family died. She started to become a recluse. She survived. Then the others started coming. So she's come to investigate them.

Things You Should Know
  • Native - She is one. She's been here most of her life.
  • Trannies - What she calls the 'new' people. She's not overly fond.
  • Survivalist - It's what she's been doing since everything went to Hell.
  • Want Something? - She can find it or get it. It's a skill.
  • Psychic - She knows stuff, even stuff she doesn't want to know.
  • Military Patrol - She is part of the Militia patrol that protects the gate. It means she might get all up in your business or swing by to make sure you aren't dead.
Andrew McNamara - Fellow Wall walker. We will see

Bryan - Well that was an interesting night, eh?
Sam - I think she thinks I need a friend. Maybe.


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Dylan Leigh Hunter
Date of Birth: 16 Apr 1993
Apparent Age: Legal
Occupation: Survivalist with the Mostest
Virtue: She'll Go First
Vice: Sometimes Without Looking First

Height: 5'10
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Emerald
Spouse: Hahahahaha
Spawn: Hahahahaha x2

Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything

Oh, dear mother, I love you
I'm sorry, I wasn't good enough
Dear father, forgive me
'Cause in your eyes, I just never added up
In my heart I know I failed you, but you left me here alone
If I could hold back the rain, would you numb the pain?
'Cause I remember everything.
If I could help you forget, would you take my regrets?
'Cause I remember everything.
Oh, dear brother, just don't hate me
For never standing by you or being by your side
Dear sister, please don't blame me
I only did what I thought was truly right
It's a long and lonely road, when you know you walk alone
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