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“Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.

– Anne Roiphe


In her old world, Elia Loven was a child prodigy who grew up to be a world renowned chef. She was pampered, demanding, and used to getting her way. She was also one of the best in her field, and she happily got used to that, too. She raked in money hand over fist from her restaurant/hotel, the sales of her books, and public appearances. Luxury was her stock in trade, and she was big on both the giving of it and receiving. She also identified as male, but only to avoid unwanted attention from the press about something she had no interest in discussing.

At the beginning of the end, Summer Solstice of 2012, she Awakened. She was trained by the Guardians of the Veil, and she traversed the Dreamtime to return a Dreamspeaker. More and more, the civility of her upbringing felt like a facade, and the half-wild predator wearing human skin felt like the reality. A year after her Awakening, after a hard-won battle, the nightmare was over. The end didn't come, and she was looking forward to a long life with her partner and their children.

Four days before Christmas, her world didn't end, but it ended for her. Now she's in this horrible place, and she'll never see the home she fought to preserve again. So, yeah. That's a downer.

RP Hooks and Tidbits
  • Mage: She is one, a Thyrsus. And a Guardian of the Veil, possibly the only one.
  • Primal: She's a Dreamspeaker; civilization was overrated anyway.
  • Laurel Creek Hotel: Her house is still standing, so there's that. She's been known to take in strays.
  • Loven Family: She's looking for any of them she can find. Feel like being a Loven?
  • Dead and Famous: Elia Loven was a well-known celebrity. She died fighting Scout in June 2013. Seems she got better.
  • Trans: Without the pressure of a career weighing her down, she's come out.

  • Shea: Yes, you're insane, but I love you.
  • Xander: You are not allowed to die. Ever.
  • Justus: Making friends, I see.

Noteworthy NPCs
  • Meine Loven: Elia's father, mid-50s, Sleepwalker Retainer.
  • Ryan Loven-Sullivan: Elia's son, three years old, does not like dinosaurs anymore.
  • Eva Loven-Sullivan: Elia's daughter, nine months old, teething.

Elia Blythe Loven
Date of Birth: April 4, 1990
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Proprietress
Virtue: Love
Vice: Arrogance
Path: Thyrsus
Name: Jagerin

Notable Stats
  • Feral Mien
  • Friend of Beasts
  • Predator's Innocence
  • Striking Looks (Androgynous)


Foreigner's God, Hozier

Screaming the name of a foreigner's god,
The purest expression of grief.

Amsterdam, Gregory Alan Isakov

Churches and trains
They all look the same to me now
They shoot you some place
While we ache to come home somehow

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