Emily Park

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Emily Main2.png
Played By Emily Rose
Date of Birth February 2, 1988
Apparent Age Mid-20s
Occupation Former Tech Support
Virtue Righteous
Vice Pessimistic


Emily Park was in Aleswich when The End happened. She was happy enough as a low-level tech support for a local IP middleman. She had a mom and a dad and an older brother. Now she has none of those things, and getting up in the morning is proving difficult.


Arcade Lofts: Emily lives here. She helps keep things running. Plumbing? Sure. Locks? Yeah.

Handyman: Emily fixes things. She's good with electronics and machines. She also knows people who know people, and is in turn one of those people other people know. Need something mechanical looked at? Someone who knows someone might know Emily.

Locks Again: She likes to open things up. A little B&E is just fine with her.

The Internet: She misses it so much. So much.

Tools: She hoards them.

Hideyholes: She is particularly good at finding them.


Nick Grady: Neighbour. Has all kinds of interesting ideas that are worth pursuing and benefits from her leet skillz... and also just being there to carry the other end of whatever heavy thing needs moving.

Emily Plaid.png


Emily Park is kind of short at 5'4". She likes hiking boots, so that gives her a little more height, but not much. The rest is basic: blonde hair (pulled back in a ponytail most of the time), dark eyes. She almost always has a plaid shirt somewhere on her person (usually on her back). A chain around her neck sports dog tags - not the military kind, actual tags from a dog's collar. These are often tucked into her shirt, but sometimes they are not.


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