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Familiar Creation

  • There are various types of familiars in the World of Darkness. Spirit (fetch), Embodied, Goetic, Ghost just to name a few. Creating your familiar should be a relatively painless process. You need to decide what kind of familiar you'd like, and if you've got the means to get one, in character. For example, it won't help someone to get a fetch if they can't see spirits, or communicate with them, or don't know anyone who can do the familiar binding rote. Make sure your familiar makes sense to you.
  • Two, follow the rules in the book to create said familiar. If you need assistance, please feel free to ask DeadZone, or other staffers if she's not available.
  • Three, get the familiar approved via +note on yourself, and you're done.
  • Improving your familiar is a completely different situation. See below for that.

Familiar Improvement

The most common types of familiars are spirits and embodied familiars. This improvement guide is designed for them. It can also be applied to Ghosts and Goetic familiars. If there are any issues regarding improving your familiar, please contact DeadZone.

  • No familiar may rise above rank 1. Unfortunately, multiple books state that.
  • For spirit familiars, they may raise a trait (power, finesse, resistance) for the same cost as you would raise your attributes. 4 XP per dot. No trait can go over 5 dots, however, and no familiar may have more than 8 dots total in traits.
  • For embodied familiars, they may raise an attribute for 2 xp per dot, but may not have more than 8 dots total when they are added as traits and divided by three. For example: Sadie has an embodied familiar raven. The raven has an Intelligence of 2, a Strength of 1 and a presence of 3. Add all three together for a total of 6, divide by 3 and the raven's power trait is 2 in the shadow. If you take those stats (power, finesse and resistance) which is what an embodied familiar has in the shadow, the dots can never be more than 8 dots in total, and never more than 5 in any trait. Sadie's raven's power is 2, hence the raven hasn't reached it's possible max in that trait.
  • Familiars cannot have more than 4 numina, period, and can never have an essence pool of more than ten.

I'm aware that this may be confusing. Please contact DeadZone if you're having issues with the improvement aspect of your familiar's sheet.

More will come soon. Please check back to see if your questions get answered properly for this topic., otherwise, please contact staff.