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Throughout the game, Aspirations, Conditions, and certain other criteria allow you to “take a Beat.” A Beat, in dramatic terms, is time enough for the audience to recognize a plot point or a change for a character. For our purposes, think of it as a unit of drama. Once you’ve taken five Beats, you gain an Experience. One of these Experiences can be used to purchase one Merit dot or a Skill Specialty. Two of these buy one Skill dot. Four add an Attribute dot.

Main XP Chart

Gaining Beats

  • If your character fulfills an Aspiration, take a Beat. At the end of the game session, replace the Aspiration. Choosing a new Aspiration is an excellent activity between games or to handle before the next game session.
  • Some rolls and powers may impart Conditions on your character. Each Condition has criteria for resolution, usually requiring a difficult choice for the character. If resolved, take a Beat. You may only take one Beat for a Condition in a given scene. Some Conditions do NOT grant a Beat. Check the Master Conditions list.
  • Once per scene, if you fail a roll, you may opt to take a Dramatic Failure instead. If you do so, take a Beat. Certain Conditions can have you take an automatic failure as part of their resolutions; you may make these failures Dramatic and take two Beats.
  • If your character takes damage in one of her last (rightmost) Health boxes, take a Beat.

PrP Beats

There are three different 'levels' for a PrP, each with increasing difficulty/danger. As a plot or scene moves up the scale, the number of beats it is possible to earn increases. This is to reflect that endangering your character, up to an including the potential for death, is significant and should be rewarded accordingly.

  • When submitting a plot for Beats, please let us know the risk level.
    • Level 1 - Social scene. Players and ST earn 1 Beat (0.2xp).
    • Level 2 - Combat, Social, Psychological risk for the players. Players earn 2 Beats (0.4xp) and STs earn 3 Beats (0.6xp).
    • Level 3 - Actual Harm taken by the players, whether combat, social, or psychological. Players earn 3 Beats (0.6xp) and STs earn 4 Beats (0.8xp).
  • Please also note that taking Dramatic Failures and other Conditions or factors in a scene may also award additional Beats (as above section).
  • The Storyteller can choose to award a Beat for any exceptional example of roleplaying, tactics or character development. If this involves more than one character, all of them should receive the Beat.