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The Ocean:

The Ocean is not what it once was. Marine life has been incredibly scarce and what was once well charted water is now a source of danger that hasn’t been known since the early days of ocean-exploration. There are have been days when the water around Safe Haven seems to be discolored, typically red or green, but so far those incidents seem temporary. Periodically massive monsters emerge from the water, the tides are unpredictable and storms seem to move ashore from all directions and without warning. Sailors who have been spending time on the ocean since the EotW claim that things are “getting better”, and there have been some recent catches for fishermen, but the danger is still high.

The Land:

There has been a lot of change to the geography of the world. It’s suspected that there were continental shifts in addition to the significant destruction that was visited upon the world, including destruction of what was once the Yellowstone Caldera (The areas that were once the states of MT, WY, ID, NE, CO, SD, ND and UT are gone, significant areas to the south and east of that area are ash covered.). Stretches of the East Coast were torn apart, washed over by sea water from major tidal waves, and burned. Maps that once existed are merely a suggestion now, and no one has ventured outside of the safe zone to any distance to learn more about what is out there. Those who have come into the safe generally arrive in a state of shock or terror that makes it hard to determine what things are like. Over the last year a lot of vegetation has grown back and it’s reverted to a wild state, which makes it harder to see approaching dangers, roads are broken or overgrown and footpaths are treacherous.

The survivors recognize that it is absolutely necessary for them to grow food that they will need to survive. To do this, it means venturing outside of the safe zone to cultivate the land - to plant, tend to and harvest crops - as well as to hunt for game, and animals that can be domesticated and provide a long term meat source.

Chunks of the local geography have changed significantly, even with the protections that existed over the local area. The area to the North where the Passamaquoddy reservation had existed was completely decimated, structures on it were destroyed and the land was soaked with ocean water that has turned brackish. Those natives who lived on the reservation who managed to escape took refuge in the safe zone, but their numbers are few. Those Native Lodges who tried to defend the land met with death. The smaller communities and hamlets that once surrounded the city formerly known as Aleswich met with much the same fate and are little more than ruins.