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Immortal Applications

General Information and Becomings
  • Lesser Immortals automatically start with the Sleepwalker merit for no cost, as a side-effect of the setting.
  • Lesser Immortals may possess Psychic/Thaumaturgy powers, or develop them in-game via a staff-approved PrP.
  • Lesser Immortals may possess the Gatekeeper merit (CG only).
  • Lesser Immortals may not belong to another minor Template (Fae-Touched, Proximus, or Wolfblooded).
  • Lesser Immortals may not have Becomings to another Template. The process of becoming Immortal changes them irrevocably.
  • Other Supernaturals may not have Becomings to Purified. For whatever reason, they fail automatically.
Breaking Points
  • Standard Breaking Points for Purified:
    • Murder, either witnessing or participating
    • Torture, including rape, either witnessing or participating
    • Death of the body while the spirit is within it
    • Being summoned, commanded, or bound while in spirit form
    • Essence theft from a non-hostile spirit of lesser rank
  • Standard Breaking Points for Minor Immortals:
    • Murder, either witnessing or participating
    • Torture, including rape, either witnessing or participating
    • Being victimized by a Supernatural entity (including gaining the Scarred Condition, but not Swooning).
    • Leaving the material world (including entering Twilight, unless you possess a power that grants this ability)
    • Coming close to death (a lethal wound in the last 3 boxes or any aggravated damage) (Reborn Only)
    • Death of the body (All Others)
  • Personal Breaking Points:
    • These may be chosen by the player or determined using answers to the questions on p.155-157 of the God-Machine Chronicles, subject to approval by staff.
  • Starting Chi is limited to 1 for Becomings.
  • Purified begin play with +6 Skill and +3 Merit points. This cannot be used to raise a trait above 5.
  • The Chi merit is not in use. Merit Points may be saved for Chi as with other Supernatural Spheres, to a maximum of 6 Merit Points.
Patchwork People
  • Patchwork People cannot be born before the 1800s. This is due to the relatively recent invention of the technology through which their immortality is achieved.
  • Patchwork People begin play with +1 to Strength and Dexterity. This cannot be used to raise these traits above 5.
  • Reborn begin play with Meditative Mind ••. This change is a result of the way the merit works in GMC.
  • Only Experienced/Mature Visitors are available for application. This is due to the long interval between infestation and maturity.
  • Visitors begin play with +1 to Intelligence. This cannot be used to raise the trait above 5.
  • Due to the way that Wardens bond to their territories, we will not be accepting transfers for this Template; only reality-natives can be Wardens.
  • Wardens begin play with +1 to Resolve, Strength, and Stamina. This cannot be used to raise these traits above 5.
  • Within their territory, Wardens also gain a +1 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. This may raise these traits above 5, and disappear if the Warden is outside their territory.
  • There are 3 territories available:
    • SH01-SH04, SH07 - Farmlands and Wilderness
    • SH05-SH06,SH08-SH12 - Safe Haven Proper - claimed by Dawn.
    • OL01-OL04,OL05-OL09 - Outlying Islands