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Minor Immortal House Rules

General Rules and Clarifications
  • Minor Immortals are able to take part in and agree to Changeling Pledges the same as any other human.
  • Minor Immortal templates (except Wardens) have an aura signifier that consists of opalescent streaks running throughout the aura; the older the immortal, the more of these streaks are present.
  • In addition to the streaks, a Warden's aura also has an opalescent ring around it. These indicators are only displayed within their territory; outside it, a Warden appears as a normal human.
  • Sin-Eaters without the Eidetic Memory merit attempting to confirm that an Immortal's age has not changed between meetings requires a successful Intelligence + Composure roll. Confirming the differences between the two ages in a Warden of less than a month's immortality requires a successful Wits + Composure roll.
  • Sin-Eaters see an Eternal's age as it was at the moment they performed their ritual. This age never changes.
  • There is no sort of damage that can permanently kill an Eternal as long as their object remains intact. They can rebuild themselves from complete disintegration, though it would take over a year before they would be able to wake again. (The reference in the book to them waking within a day only applies if the body is still intact enough to survive.)
  • The Reinforce durability power has the following clarifications:
    • Weapon durability does not affect the damage rating.
    • Armor gains +2/+1 if crafted by the Eternal, and +1/0 if they are working on existing armor. Armour rating cannot exceed 5/5.
Patchwork People
  • Sin-Eaters see a Patchwork person's age as indeterminate. It fluctuates between younger than their apparent age, to the apparent age, to older than the apparent age due to their method of gaining immortality.
  • Patchwork People are not required to have Resources 5. However, they must have some method of securing the services they need for maintenance of their bodies, whether that be trade, bribery, blackmail, or another method.
  • A Reborn accessing Akashic Records cannot raise any of their Skills above five dots. This is a correction of the misinformation in the book.
  • A Reborn can use access to Akashic Records to regain their fluency in a language they spoke in one of their past lives, with the same roll and Willpower expenditure as they do for Skills. The effect lasts for a scene, with a maximum focus of three languages total. A successful Intelligence + Composure roll is used to switch between languages; on a failure, the character fails to form any coherent speech that turn.
  • Sin-Eaters see a Visitor's age as it was the moment the parasite infested its host. This age never changes.
  • Visitors' bodies are still human. They can die of dehydration, starvation, suffocation, drowning, and other such things despite being immune to disease, illness, and aging.
  • Visitors do not need to fulfill their biological imperative when encountering another visitor. It is likely that this is some oddity about the make-up of Safe Haven itself that suppresses this urge.
  • Visitor Numina use is detectable in the same ways as other spiritual phenomena.
  • The presence of the parasite can be detected by Purified Unseen Senses and the Life/Spirit versions of Mage Sight.
  • Sin-Eaters see a Warden's age as two separate numbers - the ever-increasing age of the body's true lifespan and the fixed age of the body at the moment the bargain with their patron spirit was made.
  • Wardens are considered Supernatural within their territories for the purposes of Lunacy, Disbelief, et cetera.
  • There is no sort of damage that can permanently kill a Warden as long as they're within their territory. They can rebuild themselves from complete disintegration, though it would take over a year before they would be able to wake again. Outside of their territory, a Warden will remain dead unless their remains are returned to it.
  • The debilitating effects for a Warden outside their territory begin after 24 hours. This change from the book is to allow for RP freedom.
  • Natural Affinity allows a Warden to manipulate their local environment. This can be used to provide environmental bonuses or penalties to rolls, but not both at once. When using this power, please keep where you are in mind and pose appropriate effects. In combat, this ability may be used to add half the Warden's Presence (round up) to Defense or Attack dice pools (not both at once), as the natural landscape works with the Warden to make them a more effective fighter. Keep in mind that only one Natural Affinity effect can be in use in any given scene.
  • The Mind's Eye ability must be consciously activated, and a Warden can only view realms/states he can perceive normally. (ie. He must have the ability to see Twilight to be able to see things happening in Twilight with Mind's Eye.) This power produces a trance-like state as with other similar abilities.
  • Wardens normally have little to no contact with their Patron Spirits.