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Numina and House Rules

  • Power, Finesse, and Resistance are the traits used when using Numina.
  • The Number of Numina a Purified can Possess is limited by Chi as follows:
    • Chi 1: 4 Numina
    • Chi 2: 5 Numina
    • Chi 3: 6 Numina
    • Chi 4: 7 Numina
    • Chi 5: 8 Numina
  • Available Numina:
    • Awe: GMC Update, p.228
    • Blast: GMC Update, p.229 (See HR below)
    • Camouflage: Book of Spirits, p.138
    • Concealment: Book of Spirits, p.139
    • Dement: GMC Update, p.229
    • Emotional Aura: GMC Update, p.229
    • Essence Thief: GMC Update, p.229 (Usable against Demons)
    • Firestarter: GMC Update, p.229
    • Freeze: Book of Spirits, p.141
    • Hallucination: GMC Update, p.229
    • Harrow: Book of Spirits, p.142
    • Heal: Book of Spirits, p.142
    • Howl: Book of Spirits, p.142
    • Left-Handed Spanner: GMC Update, p.229
    • Manipulate Element: Book of Spirits, p.143 (Requires Command •••, one element/purchase)
    • Omen Trance: GMC Update, p.229
    • Pathfinder: GMC Update, p.230 (Resistance applies for hidden location)
    • Reaching: Book of Spirits, p.146 (Purchased to use Numina across the Gauntlet)
    • Speed: GMC Update, p.230 (Twilight/Shadow only)
    • Telekinesis: GMC Update, p.230
    • Telepathy: Book of Spirits, p.148 (No ill effects)
    • Threshold: Book of Spirits, p.148 (Requires Shifting •••)
    • Wilds Sense: Book of Spirits, p.149
  • Visitors may possess 3 Numina maximum.
  • Visitors use the rolls listed below.
  • Available Numina:
    • Blast: GMC Update, p.229 Dexterity + Athletics
    • Dement: GMC Update p.229 Presence + Intimidation
    • Firestarter: GMC Update p.229 Wits + Occult
    • Hallucination: GMC Update, p.229 Manipulation + Subterfuge
    • Heal: Book of Spirits, p.142 Wits + Medicine
    • Left-Handed Spanner: GMC Update, p.229 Intelligence + Crafts
    • Omen Trance: GMC Update, p.229 Intelligence + Occult
    • Telekinesis: GMC Update, p.230 Dexterity + Athletics
    • Telepathy: Book of Spirits, p.148 Wits + Occult (No ill effects.)
House Rules


  • This is a spiritual power attack, and has no element/type.
  • The visual effects tend to reflect the user.
  • Instead of full Defense, the target receives half Defense (round up). Within melee range, it is full Defense.
  • Note that some penalties for ranged attacks (such as firing into melee) may apply.
  • The attack does not trigger ballistic armour.


  • Cannot be used by the wielder on themself.
  • Heals 1B/success
  • Heals 1L/2 successes
  • Heals 1A/2 successes + 1 additional Essence (No Bashing or Lethal can be present)


  • Requires Line of Sight
  • Can be used with Piercing the Distance •••