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Purified House Rules

General Rules and Clarifications
  • Purified are able to take part in and agree to Changeling Pledges the same as any other human.
  • Sin-Eaters see a Purified's age as the exact age to which the body has perfected itself physically (20-24). This age never changes.
  • The Null merit affects Purified as though they were spirits. (See Spirit Slayers, p.140)
  • Purified aura signifiers include opalescent streaks throughout; the older the Purified, the more streaks are present. There is also an opalescent ring surrounding the aura.
  • Purified are able to speak to spirits using their own language (First Tongue) in its true form or the bastardized human form (Spirit Speech), however, the former will sound unnatural to listeners, as the human vocal organs cannot normally produce some of the sounds. Purified in the material world must speak aloud, unless they possess a power allowing them to do otherwise. (Such as the Telepathy Numen.)
  • When in spirit form, a Purified may be summoned, commanded, bound, or otherwise interacted with like a spirit. (This will be further clarified if it becomes necessary.)
  • Purified wards do not affect innate powers which require no activation. Activated powers with no rolls have their costs increased by 1, with a minimum cost of 1 Essence/Glamour/Mana/Plasm/Willpower, although the power has no penalty for potency.
  • Despite the vagueness in the book, Purified wards are stationary only - they may not be mobile.
Body and Soul
  • A Purified's body will fade back to the material world if separated from its spirit in the Shadow, unless it is within a Shadow Sanctum or other specific domain controlled by a powerful spirit or another similar entity.
  • The process of Purification causes the body to reach a perfected state. All flaws, blemishes, and scars are removed, and even disabled or lost limbs will function afterwards.
  • Purified may acquire tattoos, scars, or other bodywork post-Purification by expending a point of Willpower when they are acquired. They will remain until the Purified must completely reform their body. (Note that Fetishes or Relics tattooed or embedded into the flesh will also be lost.)
  • The spiritual form of the Purified is an idealized version of their physical form, appropriate to the Purified's self-image. This is a cosmetic effect only, and does not disguise the Purified's identity.
  • The spirit form of a Purified has a separate health from the physical body, derived from its spirit traits. Damage to one does not affect the other, and the form the Purified is in determines which takes the damage and which wound penalties apply. Healing the spiritual body follows the same rules as the physical.
  • Purified spirit traits are used for the following:
    • Numina rolls (whether in physical or spiritual form)
    • Resistance rolls (in spirit form, or against powers targeting the spirit)
    • Defense, Initiative, and Speed (spirit form - integrated into the +sheet)
    • Action dice pools (spirit form)
    • Fetish Creator Merit
  • Specific spirit traits follow the GMC rules except where noted here. Scores are always rounded down. (5.1-5.9 all round down to 5)
    • Power = (Intelligence + Strength + Presence)/3 + Chi
    • Finesse = (Wits + Dexterity + Manipulation)/3 + Chi
    • Resistance = (Resolve + Stamina + Composure)/3 + Chi
  • Purified gain Spirit Rank as they rise in Chi.
    • Chi 1,2 = Rank 2
    • Chi 3,4 = Rank 3
    • Chi 5 = Rank 4
Unseen Senses
  • Purified Unseen Senses may detect any supernatural power use in their presence, so long as it is not hidden in some fashion. Purified can tell the difference between, for example, a Mage's Arcana and a Werewolf's Gifts, but require experience and practice to be able to identify the supernatural type.
  • Purified may not detect the mere presence of other supernaturals, however, and power use cannot be used to pinpoint the user.
  • A successful Wits + Composure roll may detect nearby loci/verges within a hundred yards without pinpoint accuracy, or may determine the Resonance of either.
  • Acquiring a Locus through discovery or creation will require purchase of the merit as well as a staff-approved PrP for the acquisition events. Loci must be stationary only.
  • Purified may purchase Allies and Contacts with multiple spirit courts. They may also purchase Status within one spirit court. (Essentially, becoming a member of that court.)
  • Purified may purchase Embodied familiars instead of Twilight familiars, if so chosen. Only one familiar may be purchased, regardless of type. (Information on Embodied familiars may be found in Mage the Awakening, p.82-83.)
  • Purified may purchase Fetish, Relic, Totem, and Library, as covered in other books. At this time, they may not purchase Enhanced or Imbued items due to the current state of the world and the rarity of resources; this may change in the future.
  • Purified may purchase the Fetish Creator merit as detailed on this wiki.
Magic Items
  • Magic items may be acquired through barter, creation, searching, or right of conquest. Items found through searching or taking from an NPC require a staff-approved PrP.
  • One Fetish/Relic may be acquired per month by those without the corresponding Creator merits.
  • Note that Purified with a large number of Fetishes may be looked on suspiciously by spirits, and it will take longer to earn their trust. (This is an RP consideration rather than a limitation on merits.)
  • Activation:
    • Relics: As normal, specific to the relic.
    • Fetishes: Power - Rank of Fetish, or 1 Essence for automatic activation, plus any additional costs associated with the Fetish. Power is used even when in physical form.
    • Imbued Items: Arcana level of the item + Spirit Rank. (Not currently available.)
  • A Purified must be in contact with an Essence Reservoir while projecting or being evicted from their body in order to bring it with them - the physical form fades and a spiritual version appears on the spirit form. If the Essence Reservoir is destroyed along with the body at the same time, it is lost. Other items of power may be brought into the Shadow by spending a point of Essence per item, up to the limits imposed by Chi.
  • PrP scenes will no longer reduce the purchase cost of magical items, but instead may be used to earn Beats.
New Merits

Fetish Creator ••••
Prerequisite: Summoning •••

You may craft Fetishes as per the rules in Lore of the Forsaken, p.137. Fetish Rank is equivalent to Spirit Rank other than Level 5 Fetishes, which use a powerful Rank 4 spirit. Due to the GMC Merit costs, creating Fetishes in-game no longer halves the cost, but PrP scenes may be submitted for Beats as with the acquisition of other magical items. Creating Fetishes requires a method for binding the spirit or otherwise having it remain present, and may be dangerous in some circumstances.

Cost: 1 Essence/level of the Fetish being created
Dice Pool: Power
Action: Extended (15 success + 10 per level of the Fetish, one roll/minute)

Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: All accumulated successes are lost, the vessel is ruined, and the spirit is freed from its binding.
Failure: No successes are added.
Success: Successes are added. When the target number is met, the fetish is created.
Exceptional Success: No additional effects beyond the extra successes.

Total number of rolls is limited to Power + Applicable Modifiers. (See Werewolf the Forsaken, p.149 and p.162.)