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Jasmine Stuart

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"The end of the world made gelato taste a lot better."
Rick Riordan The Blood of Olympus

"Hell won't be so bad, you know. After all, I'll be there to keep you company."
Tess Oliver Camille

Name: Jasmine Elizabeth Stuart
Nick-Name: Jazz
Date of Birth: July 4, 1991
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Blacksmith & Gunsmith
Virtue: Loyal
Vice: Arrogant

Sphere: Mortal+ & Wolfblooded
Deedname: not yet earned
Psychic: Pyrokinetics
Pack: None yet

Crafts: ●●●● (Blacksmithing & Gunsmithing)
Brawl: ●●● (Military Style)
Survival: ●●● (Mountain)
Pyrokinesis: ●●●●●
Thermokinesis: ●●●●●




xxxxxJazz is 5' with an athletic musculature. As a blacksmith, she tends to allow her arms to get pumped up at times. Jazz is a scrapper, and not afraid to show it. To keep herself fit, she blacksmiths, gunsmiths, runs and does a lot of body manipulation style weight lifting. On the days she doesn't work out, she works on keeping her muscles long and flexible by practicing some yoga and various forms of asian stretching techniques.
xxxxxJazz's personal style changes depending on what she's doing. If she's working around her forge, she's dressed in jeans and shredded shirts that leave her arms and back bare. Though her torso is protected by her smithing apron. When working out, she's in shorts and an A-shirt. Though most of the rest of the time, she's in jeans and t-shirts, usually with a man's flannel shirt over, hanging open and rolled up at the arms.
xxxxxJazz is pretty laid back. She doesn't trust anyone but The Uratha easily, but she's relatively open to most encounters until she gets a reason not to be. She's relatively fearless, and has no problems boasting about it. Otherwise, she's very laid back, and once she makes friends, she keeps them until "death to they part."



xxxxxJazz was born on the Fourth of July in 1991. After surviving the end of the world, she's ready to begin a life on her own.

xxxxxJazz was born Jasmine Elizabeth Stuart on Independence Day 1991 to Saundra Stuart, ne Hart, and Caleb Martin Stuart. When Jasmine was only six months old, Saundra was killed. The police said that it was an animal attack, and Caleb knew all too well that it wasn't any normal animal attack. He packed up his daughter, after his wife's affairs were settled, and they moved to Aroostook, Maine. He lived off the grid, in the forested shadow of Tucker's Bowl, where he joined a small pack of werewolves, and raised his daughter with the paranoia of a recluse with extreme survivalist habits.
xxxxxHer father, a Storm Lord, raised her the hard way. She attended school, but the rest of her life was about gathering for the end. He taught her to make guns, repurpose old metals into new weapons, and more. She was given the nickname of Jazz by one of her father's packmates, and it stuck. A Cahalith in her father's pack saw how she was with the metals, and so her taught her to become a blacksmith, up to and including Japanese style folding techniques.
xxxxxInto her later years, Jazz became well known among the Uratha, though she was well protected, and never met anyone at her home out in the middle of nowhere. As a wolf-blooded, she was prized, but as a creator of weapons, she was even more highly valued. Most of the wolves not in her father's pack thought Caleb was insane, but his pack, and Jazz, were serious about stopping the end of the world as it was known.
xxxxxDuring the end of the world, something happened to Jazz, and she began being able to "throw" fire. At first, she was terrified, but when she saw what it did to some of the denizens of whatever the hell that big ass thing is, she focused and tried to work with the fire, as she did when she was working or folding metals. She fought hard and used everything she had, until she was knocked unconscious from a spiritual blast that slammed her into a tree. That was the end of it.
xxxxxWhen she awoke with her head pounding, she went in search of her father. She found his body in a tree. She searched for every member of her father's pack, and each one she found in various states of death. She returned to what was left of the shack she and her father had shared, packed up everything she owned, including her converted forge, her father's stockpile of weapons, food and water, loaded it all in her father's truck, and began to make her way south to find more of her father's kind, the kind of people she belonged with, The Uratha.
xxxxxThe road wasn't easy, and it took a number of paths to get from one place to another. Sometimes she'd stay somewhere and work for food, water and gas. Sometimes she'd stay in one of those places for weeks nosing around until she realized that there were no werewolves to be easily found. Sometimes she'd run like hell. She never drove the truck over 25 miles per hour so she could avoid hitting people, crashing into abandoned cars, or rips in the roads themselves. She'd travelled all over New England, or what was left of it. Her path didn't make much sense to anyone but her, but she worked her ass off to find some of her people. Finally, she's arrived at Safe Haven's pretty gates, hoping that in this place she'd find a new home.

Roleplay Hooks



Skip: Our first meeting was not how I expected to meet a new Uratha, let alone an alpha. I'm sorry I thought about hitting you with my hammer.


My pack mates are: COMING SOON


[Disturbed - The Animal]
"Taking form in the glimmer of this tainted moonlight, death approaches on this night..."

[Live - Dolphin's Cry]
"Life is like a shooting star, it don't matter who you are, if you only run for cover it's just a waste of time..."

[Our Last Night - Same Old War]
"I've been wishing upon a star, as my world falls apart..."

[Our Last Night - Sunrise]
"When the night is cold, and you feel like no one knows, what it's like to be the only one buried in this hole..."

[P!nk - Most Girls]
"But I'm not every girl, and I don't need no G to take care of me..."


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