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Joshua Franklin Landace
“You're damaging my calm..."

Stern but fair. Skilled and willing to do the hard work he demands others do.

After the Dark Days had passed, some were surprised by Joshua's willingness to step forward to help and lead, but most still look up to him.

  • Date of Birth: February 22, 1968
  • Apparent Age: Mid 40s
  • Occupation: Community Leader & Fishing
  • Virtue: Patient
  • Vice: Greedy





"We have a lot to do, stop bitching about how rough things are right now, get off your ass and pitch in to make it better, son. Your lot isn't going to change until you change it.

Points of Note About Joshua:

  • Was married to the Mayor of the city prior to the End of the World.
  • Lifelong resident of this area, here he had married, raised children and was considered a patriarch of his family.
  • Lost his wife, his children and his brothers during the EotW.
  • People marvel at his emotional stability after his personal losses.
  • Oversees the Landace Dive & Salvage, which had been the business of his brother, Kaden.
  • Oversees the utilization of the Landace family farm to grow food for the community.
  • Gets along well with the other community leaders.
  • Has been witnessed smacking Pete Dumas upside the back of the head.
  • Is occasionally seen to be talking to himself when he is alone.
  • Is optimistic about the recovery of the area and that the community can come together to survive.

John Mellencamp - Small Town

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