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General Information

xxxxxLairs allow a group of characters to pool their resources to create a central repository of items, knowledge, retainers, arms, armor, etc for use by the group. Contributions to a lair are permanent XP spends which are given up to the group and may not be reclaimed once donated. When a PC who has donated to a lair leaves the game for whatever reason, their purchases remain with the lair and are passed on to those who maintain it until there is no one left to keep it going. There are different types of Lairs for various groups. All requests for lairs and their contents are pending staff approval.

xxxxxThis is a list of the traits available for +lair. General things are available to everyone; sphere-specific things are available to only the members of those spheres. All traits listed are available for sharing the cost unless otherwise specified.

xxxxxSome merits in the General section may require special access to acquire (e.g. Ghost/Spirit Guardian).

xxxxxKeep in mind some sphere's specific traits (such as Sanctums or Haunts) take things like Security and Size into consideration already, making mundane Size and Security unnecessary for those types of lairs.

xxxxxUnless it is a +lair setup for each major faction, sphere or their sub-factions, which must be approved by that sphere staff, all lairs are expected to have at least 3 people in them, the same minimum number for a coterie, cabal, motley, etc.

xxxxxTo maintain a reasonable number of +lairs, small groups (3-5 players, usually amarants, motleys, cabals, etc) may only purchase a single lair. Large groups (major sphere factions) may have more than one. Anything over three will be highly scrutinized.

Submitting A New Request

xxxxxTo create a new lair please provide the following information to staff:

1. A desired name for your lair.
Example: The Scooby Doo Motley Hollow
2. The physical location on the grid where your lair is located. To get the DB# of the room you would like to designate as the main room of your lair, go to that room and type "th %L" and it will give you the DB# of the room you are in.
Example: #0 - The Scooby Snack Storage Complex
3. The type of lair that you are creating (please note not all of these may be available to PCs and you should inquire with your sphere staff):
Example: Hollow

Types of Lairs

Home - Typically for families and play groups. Characters generally live here. Generic lair.
Business - Typically for play groups and IC business locations. May be a false-front business.
Bunker - Typically for play groups, families, etc. More fortified location where you keep your guns, ammo, cheesies and boats for the end of the world.
Library - This is a shared library which may not have a physical location on grid.
Bastion - Changeling lair.
Den - Shifter lair.
Hallow -Mage lair.
Haunt - Geist lair.
Hollow - Changeling lair.
Locus - Werewolf/Changing Breed/Immortal Lair
Sanctum - Mage lair.
Scriptorium - Mage lair.
4. Who will have access to this lair? All members of a particular faction? Only specific players who contribute?
Example: Everyone on the Scooby Doo Motley faction.
5. Each player contributing to the job should be CCed onto the job and should provide their personal list of items that they wish to purchase. (Using a COMM job to organize this beforehand will keep your job to staff neat and orderly for quicker processing)
Viola - Safe Place 0>1 for 1xp, Library.Snack Recipes 0>3 for 3xp
Sam - Safe Place 0>1 for 1xp, Animal Retainer.Munchie the Dog 0>4 for 4xp
Dottie - Safe Place 0>1 for 1xp, Library.Snack Recipes 0>1 for 1xp

General Traits

  • Size 1-5
  • Staff 1-5
    • Staff (Skill)
    • Staff (Security)
      • Note: replaces "Security 1-5".
  • Security 1-5: is replaced by Staff (Security).
  • Retainer 1-5 (no shared cost)
  • Animal Retainer 1-5 (no shared cost)
  • Ephemeral Guardians 1-5
    • Ghost Guardians
    • Spirit Guardians
    • Demon Guardians
  • Library 1-5
  • Armory 1-5
    • Armory (Archaic Armor)
    • Armory (Modern Armor)
    • Armory (Archaic Weaponry)
    • Armory (Modern Weaponry)
    • Armory (Firearms)
    • Armory (Esoteric)
  • Safe Place 1-5

    • Safe Place is a Merit that provides, among other things, a bonus to Initiative towards those possessing it when fighting those not possessing it within the confines designated by the description of the Merit (in this case, whatever physical space the +lair represents).
    • Safe Place's functional rating cannot go above 5; that means that for all intents and purposes, a +lair's Safe Place Merit cannot grant an Initiative bonus higher than +5, cannot make penalties for avoiding traps higher than -5, and cannot apply a penalty to breaking in/intruding higher than -5.
    • However, in order to benefit from the Initiative aspect of the Safe Place Merit, one must buy into it. Even if the Safe Place Merit is already at 5 dots, anyone wishing to benefit from the +5 to Initiative must donate at least a single dot of the Merit to the +Lair.

Changeling Traits

  • Hollow Amenities 1-5
  • Hollow Garden 1-5 (Hedgefruit Gardens for Hollows, no longer takes up Workshop space. See Changeling Houserules.)
  • Hollow Workshop 1-5
  • Hollow Doors 1-5
  • Note: Exits for Hollow Doors must be linked to a physical location on the IC Grid.
  • Hollow Wards 1-5
  • Archive 1-5
  • Hollow Size 1-5
  • Mobile Hollow 1-5
  • Ritual Door 3 (Requires Hollow Doors 5)
  • Hob Kin 1-5 (No shared cost)

Immortal Traits

  • Locus

Mage Traits

  • Alchemical Lab 1-5
  • Hallow 1-5
  • Sanctum Gauntlet 1-2
  • Sanctum Security 1-5
    • Note: Works the same as as Safe Place; if one exists, there's no need for the other.
  • Sanctum Size 1-5
  • Scriptorium
  • Scriptorium Depth
  • Scriptorium Subject
  • Summoning Circle (Specific for each type, and while in a shared sanctum are still individual).
  • Sleepwalker Retainer (No shared cost)
    • Note: Works the same as Retainer, but they do not generate Disbelief.
  • Sleepwalker Staff (No shared cost)
    • Note: Works the same as Staff, but they do not generate Disbelief.

Thaumaturge Traits

  • Magical Nexus 1-2

Werewolf Traits

  • Totem
  • Locus


How much XP would I pay for X?
You pay for what you contribute. If your contribution is 2 dots of the Tomb merit, you would pay 2xp for buying 0>2.
Can I sacrifice XP for a Lair spend?
No. All Lair spends are now permanent/persistent spends.
Can XP be refunded?
Currently XP will not be refunded.
Do XP spends towards a lair count towards seasonal merit limitations?
No. XP spent towards a +lair does not count towards seasonal merit limits and will be noted as such in the XP spend.
Can I get discounts on my spends?
You can participate in a PRP for the establishment of a new lair and gain the beats associated per scene toward purchasing items for your new lair (or use the XP from the scene to purchase the items).
Written justifications do not apply to lair spends.
Why doesn't this appear on my sheet?
Lair merits are contributions to a group project and once the XP is spent, it is donated to the lair and cannot be separated back out for personal use. Most will not appear on your sheet.