Landace Dynasty

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Nam Cicero
Landace Proximus Dynasty
Tagere Sequitur Credere --- Action Follows Belief
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Notable Facts:

Heritage Path: Thyrsus
Country of Origin: Burgundy, France
Resource Level: Varies
Family Names: Landis, Landace, ?
Appearance: Hardy physique, square jawed, likable and charismatic.

The Landace Family

The Landace family is an off-shoot of the Landis family which moved to the Americas from the counties of Somerset, Yorkshire and Stafford in England, where they had settled in the thirteenth century. Prior to that, the family lines traced back to Burgundy France, which is where the origins of the Proximus Dynasty was founded. Historical note: The origins of the name means "Grower of Lavender" (Lavendier), it was an occupational name passed down from fathers to sons.

When the time came, the family joined the ships setting out to explore and colonize the Americas with the support of the Silver Ladder, to set up avenues of patronage within the colony there. Most members of the Landace family were agriculturally interested, naturalists & explorers, though there were a few tradesmen and women within the family as well. All things that would be useful in this new territory.



2 Dots - Winds of Chance


2 Dots - Influence Heat, Control Heat


2 Dots - Cleanse the Body, Pulse of the Living World
3 Dots - Body Control, Control Base Life, Heal Flora & Fauna, Organic Resilience, Self-Purging


2 Dots - Craftsman's Eye, Detect Substance


2 Dots - Omnivision, Finder


2 Dots - Coaxing the Spirits, Spirit Tongue
3 Dots - Ephemeral Shield, Lesser Spirit Summons
4 Dots - Control Spirit


Infernal beings gain willpower from opposing the Landace Proximi as if fulfilling a vice.


Working the land, growing and nurturing things, protecting the weak