Logs:Scents on the Wind

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Logs:Scents on the Wind
Dramatis Personae

Lotus and Skip


Following a strange scent found at Temple's empty campsite; Skip encounters another werewolf who has taken up residence outside the safezone.


Outside the Safe Zone

July 16th, 2014
Near Lotus' Cave
Outside the Safe Zone

xxxxxSkip McCormick had arrived at Temple's camp earlier that morning, shortly after sunrise, with the intention to talk to the other werewolves of Richael's pack. Truth is, Skip had avoided the other werewolves for the most part since Richael had tried to assert her alpha status over him -- focusing on securing the territory of his own pack, which had involved reforming the pack into something new and taking on a new totem after they had lost Cho-Cha-Cho. Having done that, he felt more confident reaching out to the local wolves without things leading to a beatdown.

xxxxxArriving at Temple's camp he found no recent traces of him, his lover the Fae-touched Cardinal, nor the sisters Melissa or Richael. There was no evidence of mishap, so he wrote it off to them having relocated or having taken advantage of the season to range further afield. There was a scent he did not recognize though, and one that had been at the camp more recently, recent enough it was worth following -- particularly since it was the scent of one of the people. A female, but he couldn't tell if she was Pure or Uratha. Either answer was fine with Skip -- if she was the later then perhaps they would become allies if not friends. If the former -- well, as a Blood Talon he needed to hunt worthy prey, and his tribe favored the Pure above all other targets.

xxxxxFollowing his nose through the less cultivated regions beyond the walls, away from the fields and farms and into the rougher ground where the humans were more reluctant to go, he came upon a scent marking that matched the scent he had been following. Nothing overt, but enough to indicate past that was not unclaimed terrain. This being the case, and he being in his tawny wolf form, the blonde fur of which was lightening as the summer went on, turning him toward a white coat like his First Born tribal patron Fenris-Ur, he lifted up his chin and howled an announcement of his presence. No mention of deed name or tribe, after all, if this was a Pure, he didn't want to give too much away. Instead he settled in with his wolf senses sharp, awaiting a response or an approach.

xxxxxThe scent around Temple's camp is fresh, but not particularly strong. The wolf that wanders by has done a peripheral sweep, examining the area, and then moved on. Similarly, the scent that leads away is not covered. There is no attempt to cover it or to be stealthy. It leads away, around and about through various trees and fields. Perhaps a hunt at some point. Perhaps some scouting or exploration. But losing the scent entirely would be a difficult process for those with some tracking skill.

xxxxxThe trail eventually leads to a cave. Away from the crowds and the city proper, a boundary of sorts would become evident to Skip as he neared. It isn't a large space, but it is well-kept within the invisible lines. The howl is not immediately answered, but it doesn't take more than a few moments for the white wolf to appear through the trees. White isn't exactly the best colour for blending in to a forest. Definitely female, the wolf ambles over towards him, walking steadily without a posture of threat, no intent to harm. She comes to a stop some feet away, sitting down and watching him. No immediate greeting is offered, the wolf simply waiting and watching. Likewise, she has no idea what measure of threat this other wolf has brought.

xxxxxCultivating patience is a practice of discipline expected for the Rahu of the Blood Talons, because the impulse control difficulties have fubared more than one militarily precise plan constructed by the tribe. As the female wolf seems unthreatened and unthreatening, Skip doesn't rush things. Oh, he sniffs. he circles his ears and he cocks his head and he waits. But this form is not well suited for complex conversation, this is simply a fact, so, after a wait long enough to establish that he too isn't threatened or trying to make a threat, he concentrates on his "camouflage" form and shifts -- form getting considerably larger, heavier and human as he takes his Hishu form.

xxxxxThis form then is of a blond human male, Northern European descent in coloration, linebacker in size, early to mid-twenties in age. In this form he is clad in a navy blue sweatshirt that bears the Greek Letters for Kappa Epsilon Gamma, unzipped over a T-Shirt that says Safe Haven Harbor Fire Department. The blue jeans are looking worn but are still solid and free of tatters, the cross-trainers aren't new, but still serviceable. Less innocent looking are the brass knuckles that are worn on either hand, or the titanium lacrosse stick that is strapped across his back. Still, he makes no gesture to go for the weapons or threaten with them. Instead he grunts, then he says, "I am Ur-sag Gú Giri, Rahu Suthar Anzuth of Hikarnirmeda Nasaru, spirit brother of Narum a'Litum." He leaves that there, for her to pick up and makes freinds with, or reveal her Pure affiliations and try to flee -- because what Pure alone doesn't flee when confronted with a Suthar Anzuth?

xxxxxShe smells like... well, a wolf. Clearly. She's very much a werewolf, and she studies him in kind, eyes simply blinking as she watches him. Likewise, she seems to be more than willing to wait for him to make some sort of move. Her tail thumps and sweeps through the underbrush lazily behind her, making soft rustling noises.

xxxxxAs he shifts, so too does the woman in front of him. It's not an unfamiliar motion, the swift upward rise of flesh and the disappearance of fur. What may be unusual is that she remains mostly white. One pale hand lifts to pull a set of rose-tinted glasses from the top of her head to settle them on her nose, offering some measure of protection from the natural light that filters through the canopy above. "Lotus," she offers simply as her gaze moves over his figure, examining his clothing and weaponry of choice. "Cahalith Iminir." Alas, no Pure. Unless she's a lying liar who lies...

xxxxxSkip perks up. "Iminir?" He cocks his head, to the left and considers her paleness and her rose colored glasses. He refrains from commenting on the obvious concern about a story teller who sees the world through rose colored glasses. "Hello Lotus. I was looking for Richaels pack -- Melissa, Temple, the Cardinal. I followed your scent here." He leaves that a moment and then says. "I was going to invite them to a Siskur-Dah with my Pack, since I was unsure if they had learned to do so or even had the means. Would you be interested in running with us on the next full moon? Unrelated, one of my packmates is Iminir kin, a wolf blood."

xxxxx"I have not seen any of them lately," Lotus tells him, taking a few steps towards him to close the distance. Even her clothing of choice appears to be pale, sunbleached leather garments. "Temple was once interested in the lessons I had to offer, but he seems to have lost interest." As she speaks, the French accent becomes more evident. Her words are not difficult to understand, but the accent is certainly there. She comes to a stop only a few feet from him, watching him quietly for a few silent moments. "I doubt they have learned to do so, or have any idea what it means. They showed markedly little interest in learning what it means to be Uratha. Disappointing, but perhaps not surprising given the state of the world we now live in." Her gaze lifts, scanning about briefly before her eyes return to him. "In any case, yes, I would certainly be interested if you would have me. It's been too long since I've been able to properly participate."

xxxxxSkip does not look overly surprised at this depiction of the young wolves, but he doesn't comment because he spent his first few years as a werewolf focusing completely on the beating the crap out of people aspect of his new life and very little attention at all on the spirit side of things or spirituality, letting his pack mates tend to those details. He'd grown up since then.

xxxxxHe gestures with hand out at the wide world, "Perhaps they have gone to see what there is to see with their new senses, or they have gone West toward the Mississippi to see if the stories of the Great Ash spirit are true." He frowns, "Or maybe that faerie whisked them off to some place not for wolves." He gestures back toward safe zone. "Our pack claims the university district inside the city. If you are living out here alone, perhaps it would be better for you to come spend some time with us... for the sake of Harmony. We can share our fare with you, you can share stories with us, at least until the Siskur-Dah you can be our guest. I am reaching out to the other wolfbloods I have found who aren't in our pack as well. Perhaps we can have a party, before the hunting."

xxxxxHis manner is not pushy in this regard. He lays the offer on the table, but doesn't seem invested in her choice either way -- she is a stranger, but she is of the people. The people should not walk alone, even Ghost Wolfs are invited to stay a while to stave off disharmony.

xxxxxHer shoulders rise and fall in a simple shrug, hands moving to clasp loosely behind her. "Perhaps," Lotus agrees. "Any are certainly possible. Temple was not particularly amused when I was unwilling to discuss the lessons in the presence of his outsider companion. In any case, I don't know where they are. They will either return, or they won't. They are not my responsibility."

xxxxxHer head turns towards the general direction of the city, lips pursing briefly before her attention refocuses on the other wolf. "That is certainly not a bad suggestion. There are so few of us left. Its difficult to focus some days. It makes things... uncomfortable." The mention of a party does earn him a look somewhere between incredulous and amused. "A... party? For what?"

xxxxx"For not being dead? For being among the people? To honor Mother Moon and Father Wolf? To celebrate victories past and glory still to come. Parties can be a purpose unto themselves, they need not necessarily serve any function beyond that -- a shirt can be just a shirt after all. Besides, not everyone is suited for bonding in battle, some bond better over a good meal, with good music, and good stories. That sounds like a party to me." Skip shrugs. "Do you have possessions you need help gathering? I can help, or you can come back out to get them later if you prefer. We have plenty of room in our territory for you consider, either in the Den or nearby."

xxxxx"Fair." Lotus nods to him, looking back towards her cave before shaking her head. "I have nothing of importance there. Water. Rations. Furs. I can either retrieve it later, or some other soul will be brave enough to wander in and claim them. In which case, I can simply replace them. I don't carry expensive items for a very specific reason." She moves forward, underbrush crunching beneath her feet as one hand rises to gesture for him to lead the way. "Show me where I'm going."

xxxxxSkips nods, in response to her comment about her possessions. "Fair." He says nothing more, but shifts unhurridly back to his wolfen form, as that is a form for discrete travel, and with a single swish of his tail, bounds back toward the city, and toward home.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- FIN --