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Life is not about learning to survive the storm

But rather learning how to dance in the rain.
– Annonymous

You know who the good sailors are when the storm comes.

– Greek Proverb

When you come out of the storm
you won't be the same person who walked in.

That's what the storm is all about.
– Haruki Murakami

Lucille McShaw-Bertsch was a native of Dunlin's Reach county, third generation after her paternal grandparents, Ben and Dorthea McShaw, immigrated over from Scotland as newlyweds. From a sea faring family, they opened a business, Seaforth Tours, giving coastal boat tours and fishing trips along Maine's coastline. Lucy's father met her mother in New York City, during his college years, they married and moved back to Dunlin's Reach. A few years later, when Lucy was still a little girl, her mother took off. Rumors were that she couldn't take the small town life and left her husband and young daughter to return to the big city. Years later they would find out that when Daphne McShaw left town she was pregnant with a son, Lukas, who Lucy wouldn’t meet until she was an adult. Brian McShaw raised his daughter as a single parent, with the support of his parents, going to work for them full time and giving Lucy her first exposure to the life of a sailor.

When she was a pre-teen, Lucy made national headlines when the weekend boat trip she took with her father ended in them being lost at sea, in a storm, for a week. Her father was injured during the storm and their navigational equipment was destroyed. It fell on 12 year old Lucy to keep them alive and eventually navigate them back to safe harbor. She was labeled a sailing child prodigy by media sources, there was even a Lifetime movie made, all of which came back to haunt her often in the years following as she began racing boats of all varieties and as she eventually achieved her Ship Master's license.

After high school graduation, Lucy spent a few years living away from Dunlin’s Reach, traveling the world and getting swept up in the excitement of boat racing and the fame and fortune it brought to her. But as the years passed, rumors began to circulate, suggesting that aspects of her past had soured the fame and enjoyment that came with her success in racing. About two years ago she returned to Dunlin’s Point, having taken some of her winnings from boat races towards purchasing her own yacht, and went to work in the family business of chartered boat trips, with her father and grandparents. While it might have been her intention to settle into a quieter life, as luck or fate however she’s never quite been able to stop stumbling into trouble and spotlights that kept her name frequently in the news.

She seems to have reached a point of acceptance with her fame in recent months, even making an effort to utilize it to a degree when she was backing incumbent mayor Elizabeth Landace for re-election. Of course some might speculate that was going to happen as she was dating, and then married, the mayor’s nephew, Dashiell Bertsch. She seems to have gotten out of the excitement of boat racing these days, instead she occasionally works for her family business, taking up some philanthropic work and focusing on starting a family with her husband. A little after a year of marriage, their daughter, Nora, was born.

In November of 2014, the family left Aleswich, Maine, to begin a new chapter of their life. After stopping in California on personal business with her husband, they were on their way to their new home when Something intervened.

She has found herself in the ruins of a world she still recognizes but no longer knows entirely. And, as so many others have, she's taken shelter inside the community known now as Safe Haven, on the island called Outlook, with her family there.

RP Hooks

Fame 3 - Maybe you recognize her name, or her face, it was plastered all over the US about 11 years ago in either reality. (They even made a Lifetime movie about the incident.) Or maybe you are familiar with the boat racing world and saw her win one of the many competitions she has been in over the last few years. Or maybe you've heard the odd occasions when her name has come up, helping injured victims in a restaurant shooting, saving an author from an axe-wielding maniac, pulling young children and a baby from a burning car, marrying the mayor’s nephew. Wonder what she'll find herself in the middle of next. She was a known Do-er of Good Deeds.

Sailing – In either reality, Lucy has been known as one of the best in the world. It’s how she made a name for herself, as a child prodigy in that area, and then how she made a living for herself. It’s a skill that’s incredibly useful, especially when it is regularly necessary to travel between the mainland and Outlook.

Locals - Lucy is from the area, graduating high school in what used to be Dunlin's Point in 2005, maybe you went to school with her or someone in your family went to school with her back before the world ended? Perhaps you know her father, Brian, or one of her grandparents? The McShaws have been around for three generations now.

Mage – Silver Ladder - Cailleach Dynasty - Proximus Family - The McShaw family are descendants of the Cailleach family line, Lucy is from that family line and was a Proximus herself before she Awakened. Maybe this interests you? Maybe you are a Mage? Maybe you are a member of the family too? Maybe you are just someone who studies family lines and found this weird mention somewhere and are interested in speaking to this Silver Princess? She served for quite some time as a Herald for the Consilium in an alternate reality, under the Shadowname of Pippi. In the native reality she was the wife of Defilade of the Silver Ladder. Now she goes by the Shadowname of Carlin.

Bailey Vineyards - It belonged to her cousin, Sandor. It’s the first place she reached and found people in this new world, some even cousins who told her stories she couldn't possibly believe.

Landace Family – She married into the local Landace family, she used to be a close part of their family, now she has to figure out who is here and still alive.

Family - Those that are the closest.
Dash Bertsch – Husband, partner, friend and confidant. [M.A.D.] we remain. I was once your line in the sand, but that sand has shifted beneath our feet and we travel upon new terrain. As always you keep me on my toes and challenge me (sometimes just to find new ways to make me Not Approve, I suspect.). Home is where we are, together with Nora and our boys, that is all that matters. Every day [You Make the Knees of my Bees Weak]. I can't promise not to yell ever again.

Brian McShaw - Daddy. To borrow a quote, A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for. You taught me to stand on my own feet and make my own way. I think we just set sail on the most dangerous ocean we've ever experienced and I could not manage all of this without your help I suspect.

Lukas – My brother. For years I didn't know about you and when you showed up I was overjoyed and I had such plans for what our family could accomplish together, our time spent catching up was brief before you were called away again. Another thing I won't forgive our mother for. And now? Now we will forge a whole new world, together.

Sandor Bailey - Cousin (Uncle). He used to try to act like my father, I used to want to kick him in the knee and tell him to grow up. Now I can’t help but wish he was here, but also be glad he’s not. I miss him, I miss Eliana, too.

Cabal - Past and Future. Like unto Family.

Mercuria - She's always been such a good support, and I'm glad to have her here to help us figure out what's going on here.

Sun WuKong – It's a terrifying new world, but everyone should have a guardian Monkey King.

Flynn - There are things in this new world that make it great for you, no doubt. But you're far too focused on yourself and what your opinion of things is. Try paying attention to some other things are and what other people know.

Lou - My scattered friend who seems to have turned into a magnet for danger.

Alexandra - We'll hold hope that your sister is still safe where she belongs.

Lex - You're suppose to be here, I've not seen you yet.

Marcus - That kitten... OMG... no, Nora doesn't need a kitten. No... maybe...

Lee - It was a relief to have your help with a most precious project.

Uriel - Thankful for your presence here.

Shani - I'm sorry that you haven't found what you're looking for yet.

Notables - Other Family, Friends, Associates.

Shepard - You've changed, the things I hear concern me, but I don't know if it's cause for concern or simply the next step.

Belle - I don't envy you the challenges you have ahead of yourself. You'll need good guidance.

Red - Not going into a truck stop ever again. I think this is a good world for you, I hope you don't disappear on us before you realize how you can help this world.

Blythe - Does it surprise me that you followed him here? No.

Alphonse - Things go full circle, don't they? And there's nothing like being thrown into the deep end, but sometimes the deep end is the best place to start. You're asking the right questions though.


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Lucy Face.jpg Lucy.3.jpg Lucy.Red.jpg


Lucille McShaw-Bertsch
Date of Birth: September 20, 1987
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Occupation: Sailor/Tour Guide
Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Pride

Shadow Name: Carlin
Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Tempestarii
Cabal: Effulgent Parable

Notable Stats:
Hardy: ●●●
Ambidextrous: ●●●
Strong Back:
Striking Looks:
Fast Reflexes: ●●
Dexterity: ●●●●
Stamina: ●●●●●
Survival: ●●●●
Drive: ●●●●
Athletics ●●●●
Persuasion: ●●●

Natalie Merchant - Wonder

Jon Heintz - Rain

Eddie Vedder - Rise

Julie Fowlis - Touch the Sky

30 Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge

Alanis Morissette - Guardian

Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers Cover - Islands in the Stream

Gym Class Heroes Ft. Ryan Tedder - Fighter

Postmodern Jukebox - Dark Horse

Rachel Platten - Fight Song

What happens at sea, stays at sea...

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