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(In Progress)

Rules and Systems

Local Consilium

This section will be about the local cabal and Consilium members, when they exist and come into play, both PCs and NPCs.

The Sphere

Prior to the End of the World, the Awakened community within what is now Safe Haven Harbor was a diverse and powerful group, but now all that is left of the Consilium that was in power are ruins and questions. For those just Awakening, there is confusion about what exactly things mean and what happened to those that were here before. For those just coming into the area, pulled here by something well beyond their control, it might be even worse.

This is a starting from scratch world, even for the Awakened. This allows for so many possibilities of play and we will be flexible.

With that said, we're all adults and we come to this game to try and have fun, so as long as this is kept in mind there should be room for all of us. That being the case, you will need to take some initiative and seek out those people that have similar goals and desired themes. The orders and paths help give some focus and finding the right cabal will definitely make a difference. If you're still finding it hard to adjust or fit in, please talk to us, we're here for more than just the +jobs.

Finally, this may mean some restrictions on play options and, while our theme is pretty accommodating, not all concepts will end up fitting into the Sphere. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome and we hope Mage lets you find the character story you were looking for.

Character Generation

Mage is currently Open. Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

Concepts & Backgrounds: Mage staff does not need, nor usually wants, to go over your character concept or background before you go into chargen. Play the character you want to play in the guidelines we've set down (e.g. no left handed legacies). Unless your concept is extraordinarily unique you do NOT need to pitch it to staff first. Further, if you want to know what the mage sphere needs, you should hop onto the Mage channel in game and ask the players. Not staff. The players will have a better grasp of what they think would get RP than staff.

Dynasty Familes allowed in play: Landace, Cailleach, Sunzi.

Prospective Proximi players are encouraged to come in attached to an Order ICly. This makes integration into the sphere a lot easier.

Non-Chargen XP Incentives

  • Mage 101: Teaching a Mage about very basic Mage Things: +.2
  • New Mage: If a Mage has been on the grid less than two weeks and you RP with them: +.2 (Both)
  • Wiki: Having a filled out wiki with hooks: +.2
  • Monthly ST Bonus: Either STing a PRP (for 1 or more other PCs) or for organizing/overseeing a +event: +2.5 (Arcane or Regular XP - Once a month)

Banned Concepts

  • Banishers
  • Seers of the Throne
  • Left-handed Legacies
  • Ex-Banishers.
  • Ex-Seers of the Throne.
  • Free Council - This game is focused on the Diamond Orders