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Creating Diamond-Order Mages

Creating a Mage character follows the guidelines set down in the in the World of Darkness main rulebook, plus the rules from the Mage: The Awakening rulebook.

First, go through CG as a Mortal. Then make sure you reserve Merit Points from the 10 you receive to buy CG only or Sphere-Specific Merits. In the final room, set your Template to mage or Proximus. When you exit Chargen, a job will be created. Please put your Template into that job along with your initial XP spend if you have one coming.

You will need to set a +note containing at least 3 Aspirations, and a Background section that has your answers to the Breaking Point questions. Having these set will speed up the CG process. The Breaking Point questions are found on the actual Sphere pages, generally under or near the Application Process file.

Choose Path

The choice of Path is going to shape the most fundamental and defining aspects of the character, including attitudes and how they see the world, and what kinds of magic they are proficient at. Each Path confers a bonus on either Resolve or Composure, depending on Path.

  • Acanthus - (Composure) - Seen as flighty, reckless and irresponsible, these Mages approach to the Supernal is one of Choice and Consequence. Their Ruling Arcanum is Time / Fate. Inferior is Forces.
  • Mastigos - (Resolve) - With a reputation for being deceptive. manipulative or downright evil, these mages do vary. Some have a very negative reputation, some strive to remain on the path of Virtue. They approach the Supernal through Transgression and Confrontation. Their Ruling Arcanum is Space / Mind. Inferior is Matter.
  • Moros - (Composure) - Moros mages tend to be very calm, even eerily so. Their understanding of death makes them aware that pain and suffering are Transient. They do tend to be shocked by chaos and disorder, They approach the Supernal through Permanence and Transition. Ruling Arcanum are Matter / Death. Inferior is Spirit.
  • Obrimos - (Resolve) - The Obrimos draw their power from the Realm of Aether, the realm of angels, gods, and magic unbound. They can be virtuous paladins, stalwart defenders of mankind, simply people who wish to do the right thing by other people, yet more are as morally indefinable as anybody else. They approach the Supernal through Power and Command. Ruling Arcanum are Forces / Prime. Inferior is Death.
  • Thrysus - (Composure) - The emphasis on impulse, instinct and urge often gives Thyrsus mages an inclination toward powerful emotions, and some of these mages are more capable of controlling their passions than others. They approach the Supernal through Boundaries and Intercession. Ruling Arcanum are Life / Spirit. Inferior is Mind.

Choose Order