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xxxxxMages have up to three Obsessions, the supernatural mysteries they are currently working on understanding. (Every Mage PC should have a +note listing a minimum of 1 Obsession. 3 is the Maximum possible.) Obsessions protect against social maneuvering in the same way as Aspirations, but they differ slightly from Aspirations in that they pertain to a particular supernatural mystery or challenge that the Mage has become focused upon to the point of obsession.

What is Arcane XP:

xxxxxIn Mage the Awakening, Arcane XP was very specifically experience that was awarded to a mage character over the course of gaining a great supernal knowledge through uncovering, solving or realizing supernatural phenomena and secrets. It has been made very clear that for the upcoming 2nd edition of Mage the Awakening, it is going to broaden a little bit as Arcane XP is going to be gained through Arcane beats and 2nd edition has a number of options listed that will earn Acane beats beyond what was originally applied for earning Arcane XP. So for the purpose of here, we are going to merge these a bit for the purpose of how to get Arcane beats. This Arcane XP then is used specifically for a Mage to increase their supernal knowledge on their power stat, in addition to applying to some things that have a particularly strong connection to the mage’s supernal understanding of things.

Things that Gain an “Arcane Beat”:

xxxxxThere are many things that can be done to gain Arcane XP, these are examples of some.

Progress made towards an Obsession.
Making a degeneration check for an act of hubris.
Conditions arising from spellcasting give Mages Arcane Beats.
Electing to make a failed spell a dramatic failure earns a regular Beat, however the condition gained by the dramatic failure earns an Arcane Beat.
Brushing up against an unknown supernatural phenomenon and shedding light on its mystery or participating in shedding such light.
Making a substantial discovery about the supernatural.
Solving a supernatural enigma.
Participating in the resolution of a supernatural dilemma.
Experiences in Astral Space.
Legacy Beats as the exist in the pending 2nd edition of Mage will be treated as Arcane Beats. Things that would gain a beat include the Legacy Tithe, the first time your character interacts with a Legacy student (multiple students means the potential for multiple beats through this interaction).

xxxxxAs a note, beginning in April 2015, players can gain an ST bonus of .5 Arcane XP a month for running a PRP or organizing a game-wide +event. Further information on this can be found on here.

Arcane XP applied to Arcana Purchases:

Ruling Arcana:
Purchased strictly with regular XP.

Common Arcana:
1 – 3 dots costs full regular XP
4 and 5 dots costs 1/2 regular XP & 1/2 Arcane XP

Inferior Arcana:
Purchased strictly with Arcane XP
Noting: Associated rotes to the Arcana will have the same expected cost.

Arcane Merits: Merits that cost Arcane XP

Atlantean Hesychia * -- Secrets of the Ruined Temple p.111

Countermagic Stance * to *** – Mage Chronicler’s Guide p. 177 (Must be taught by another Mage, cannot be self-taught. It’s a *secret technique*.)

Daimon *** -- Tome of the Watchtowers p. 66 (Daimon’s provide insight due to a connection to the Supernal Realm of the mage’s awakening, that’s why the Arcane experience cost.)

Gesture Lore * to ***** -- Tome of the Mysteries p. 94

Glyph Lore * to **** -- Tome of the Mysteries p. 97

Law of Embodiment ***** -- Tome of the Mysteries p. 77

Master Exorcist ** -- Tome of the Watchtowers p. 153 (Must be a Thyrsus to self-teach, must be taught by a Thyrsus with the merit to learn if not a Thyrus.)

Otherworldly Lore **** -- Summoners p. 184

Ritual Synergy *** or ***** -- Tome of the Mysteries p. 74 (Must be taught by a Mage who has it at the level being learned or learned from an Order Library with a rating of * dot for the *** version or of *** for the ***** dot version.)

Rote Mastery ** -- Mage Chronicler’s Guide p. 177 – Must be taught by a Mage with the merit or learned from an Order Library of the Order credited with the creation of the Rote with a rating of ***.

Summoner’s Soul *** -- Summoners p. 186 (Can be taken with Starting Merits at Character Creation, if purchased with ST permission afterward, it requires Arcane XP in addition to that permission.)

Supernal Anchor ***** -- Summoners p. 186 (Requires a PRP involving a Supernal Summoning, and a Mandatory Hubris related Breaking Point Check for Integrity 1).

Supernal Companion ***** -- Summoners p. 186 (requires a PRP involving a Supernal Summoning and a pact/binding. The person doing the binding must have Disciple level if doing it for themselves or Adept level in either the Gross or Subtle Arcana of the realm the creature is summoned from (like Spirit 4 is used to create a familiar for another) if doing it for another member of their path.)