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Duel Arcane Cheat Sheet

Create a Squared-Circle using Prime 2 (or have someone do it).

Enact the Contest of Wills to see who gains a social bonus and who acts first.

You may roll Presence + Intimidation (+ Relevant Social Factors) - Opponent's Composure; ... or Manipulation + Subterfuge (+ Relevant Social Factors) - Opponent's Composure; Iron Will (GMC p. 167) and other such Merits do apply as a Defensive Trait in the Contest;

The winner of the Contest of Wills gets a +1 bonus to all rolls for the rest of the Duel;

The loser of the Contest of Wills gets to go first.

Select Gladius and Aegis; You cannot use the same Arcana for both in any given turn; You may typically switch Arcana for either between turns (unless otherwise stipulated in the Dueling agreement); Gladius Arcana is part of Attack Pool; Aegis Arcana Level is subtracted from opponent's attack pool.

Roll Gnosis + Gladius - Opponent's Aegis

Each Success deducts one Willpower Point from Opponent's current total.

The first one to eliminate all of their Opponent's Willpower is the victor.

Every Success gained in excess of the loser's Willpower translates to 1 Bashing Damage.

Alternatively, a Duelist may yield before their Willpower is completely drained.

After losing all Willpower, the loser is Defeated and Suffers the Beat Down condition; Continuing after this point could lead to Breaking Point rolls (re: using Magic to deliberately harm another).