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Monthly Spell Format

  • Summary of the Spell: Book and Page reference is fine; notes for alternations must be included here.
  • Potency of the Spell: Relevant for unseen contests and dispellations.

Before Rolling to job:

1) Write out entire breakdown of the spell.

2) Include Sacrament for Extended Spells

3) Include all spell factors.

4) Include all Mana spends

5) For spells with Vulgar classification, include location and Resonance as others can detect this.

6) Remember that the most spells you can have on you, including magic items (which count for half) is your Stamina rating, after that each spell takes an additional -1 to pool if it is on you or not.

7) Remember the most spells you can have actively going is your Gnosis+3.

8) Remember that Instant spells can be cast as Extended, but Extended cannot be as instant unless the spell description makes such an allowance.

9) Remember transitory spells do not trade up to Extended unless the spell description says so.