Mage: The Awakening

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Prior to the EotW event, the local population of Awakened was sizeable, and while there was dissention there was Consilium and structure, and each of the Orders was in existence and working to defend that area and stop what was about to happen. It didn’t exactly go the “way it should have gone”. A series of unexpected events rocked the local Orders as an assassination lead to in-fighting right when they needed to be united the most, leaving the Awakened weakened and while the protections that they put into place protected most of the area from truly being destroyed, they ultimately could not protect themselves and to a number they died or disappeared fighting against the coming apocalypse. It’s been well over a year since that summer solstice, protections and wards on their homes and sanctums have held and kept out looters and survivors looking for a safe place to crash, but things are not entirely as one would expect. What happened to the Mages that were here? Are there any Awakened left in the rest of the world? What happens next? The world is full of Sleepwalkers and dangers, what if the newly arrived are all that there is to maintain the history of the Orders and rebuild?

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