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“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. - Bob Dylan”


xxxxxTHEN: Malcolm Theodore Reynolds III was a transplant from upper-state New York. His father an attorney for a corporate raiding firm and his mother a philanthropist, it is likely that his temperament falls somewhere in the middle. A volleyball and lacrosse player, he has spent a lot of time on the athletic squads and recently transferred to Aleswich U. on a lacrosse partial scholarship. He can usually be seen running towards places rather than walking, unless he's stopped by a short skirt and a loooooooooooong jacket....then he's more than happy to slow down just to make sure no one gets ran over. He lives pretty well, his car and his dorm room and his toys all top of the line but are obviously on mommy and daddy's dime.

NOW: Malcolm is a wolf on an island, or so it can seem. Time to try to get back to basics as it's time to learn about a new world, new threats, new friends, and new spirits.

RP Hooks
  • Werewolf - Yup, he is one! If you're interested in a bit of wolf time let me know!
  • Secrets - Those are his trade. Care to parlay?
  • Spirits - He needs to learn what's going on here. Want to help? How did we get here...and what else is coming?
  • Big Brain - Engineering, Law, History...he knows a few things that could be useful here.
  • The Hisil - He likes the Shadow...a lot. If you want to go and need someone to go with you...hit him up.
Buds, Pals, Amigos, Future Ex Wives
  • Prescott - Prescott "Pres" Sullivan, My pack Alpha and Fraternity Bro-Migo. Will he be here?
  • Skip - Skip "Kool-Aid" McCormick: Let the bro-mance begin. Will he be here?
  • Agatha - Kind of fun to hang out with her...unless you turn off her internet connection. Will she be here?
  • Alice - She's sweet...quiet. And totally digs me...

MalcolmSHH01.jpg MalcolmSHH03.jpg MalcolmSHH04.jpg

Malcolm "Baller" Reynolds III
Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1992
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Survivalist
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Pack: TBD
Tribe: Bone Shadows

- And I Ran, Flock of Seagulls

And I ran...I ran so far away.
I just ran...I ran all night and day
I couldn't get away.

- Hall of Fame - The Script

You could go the distance, you could run the mile.
You could walk straight through hell with a smile.
You could be the hero, you could get the gold,
Breakin' all the records that thought they never could get broke.
Do it for your people. Do it for your pride. Never gonna know if you never even try.

- Crawling in the Dark, Hoobastank

I will dedicate and sacrifice my everything,
For just a second's worth of how my story's ending.
And I wish I could know if the directions that I take and
All the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing.
Show me what it's for, make me understand it.
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer..

- Protect This House

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