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The Lonely Lighthouse beam does sweep,

an eye for ships and Outlook's peak,
but in the shadows twixt doth creep,
a predator that comes to reap.

In this ruined world its clear,
that every life should be held dear
to celebrate too loud its clear
draws the ire of what men fear.

When Haven is by starlight touched
the rule of thumb is then to hush
lest by this horror you too are clutched
the moral is, lock up and SHH.

Storytelling Note about Metaplot

Each month, by the first of the month there will be a 2-5 word "theme" for that month. A story element of sorts that will have to do with the overarching plot of the game. Initially the theme elements will be completely staff determined but after a few months of PC action and involvement with stories then the story elements for the game theme will be influenced by what the players are doing.

Example: The first/opening month of the game the story element will be something like "The Arrival".

The thought behind this then is that those people who run plot specifically pertaining to the story theme then might earn a bonus story-beat for RP tied to the metaplot tied theme for the month and these particular logs can be added to the wiki in a plot catagory specifically for that.

Monthly Themes by Date

January 2015 - The Arrival

February 2015 (Feb 14-Feb 28) - The Hard Month of Winter

March 2015 - In like a Lion & The Missing

ST Bonus

xxxxxBeginning in April of 2015, we have made a change to our usual Metaplot Theme Bonus that is typically given out for scenes associated with the monthly metaplot theme. Instead of giving a bonus for scenes that highlight a particular metaplot theme, we are going to give a bonus to STs and +event Organizers.

xxxxxWhat this means for an ST is, you will receive a .5 XP bonus (that is 2.5 "beats") for either STing a PRP (for 1 or more other PCs - this does not have to be an open event, it can be a specific story) or for organizing/overseeing a +event. This bonus will be limited to 1 per PC (so if you are a player who has 2 PCs you can gain the bonus on each of your characters) for the month.

xxxxxIf you are a Mage player, you can have the option of taking this bonus in the form of Arcane XP, rather than as regular XP - and it will count towards what is needed to raise Gnosis.

xxxxxAfter running a PRP or a +event, please submit a +request titled ST bonus. This should be done separately from +requests to gain beats for participants in a story.