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These are the commands that are specific to the Changeling sphere on the SHH:

  • +mask/strengthen - This strengthens the changeling's mask at the cost of 1 glamour.
  • +mask/normal - This returns the changeling's mask to normal.
  • +mask/shred - This shreds the changeling's mask, wiping out all glamour.
  • +mask/look <player> - Spend a glamour and see their mask. Works with 'me', as well.
  • Mush help:pledge - Information on the +pledge code.
  • Mush help:enchant - Information on the +enchant (ensorcelment) code.
  • Mush help:faepose - How to pose and emit so only that other Changelings et al. can see.

To set your mien desc, use the &mien attribute.

  • &mien me=desc

To set your /short/ mien desc, use

  • &short-mien me=desc

To set a Fae-desc on a room:

  • &mien <obj>=<text> - This will set a description that only Lost, Fae-touched and Enscorcelled Mortals can see.