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All players have the ability to create their own PrP Events. Anything created using the +events code will get posted to the Events board, to allow staff to evaluate the PrP and award XP or other things as necessary. Please be sure to submit non-xp requests within the +event by using +event/add. You must have the approved flag set on your bit to view and access events.


List all upcoming events.


List upcoming events by date.

+Event #

List details about event #.

+Event/signup #

RSVP for event #.

+Event/unsignup #

Remove yourself from the signup list for event #.

+Event/remove #=<Player>

For the storyteller and staff, remove <player> from event #.
(This is aliased to also use +Event/resign or +Event/leave.)

+Event/changedate #=<Mmm Dd YYYY HH:MM>

Change the date event # will take place.

+Event/changesum #=<New Summary>

Change the description for event #.

+Event/addsum #=Thing=<Stuff>/Thing2=<Stuff2>/Thing3=<Stuff3>/...

Create different type of summaries (threat, reward, etc.) to event #.

+Event/timezone #=<three character timezone abbrevation>

Change the timezone for the event. EST, CST, MST, PST, etc.

+Event/cancel #

Cancel event # entirely.

+Event/create <Title>=<Mmm Dd YYYY HH:MM>/<genre>/<summary>

Create a new event with you as the storyteller.


This command will bring up the events you are signed up for or the ST for.

+Events/st <name>

Lists all events being run by <name>.

+Events/genre <text>

Search events by genre. Will take wildcards. (+events/genre Vamp*)

NOTE: All dates must be in the: Mmm Dd HH:MM format such as: Jul 20 2010 22:04!

  • Notifications: When someone signs up, or unsigns up an @mail is sent to the event ST. If the event ST changes the date of cancels the event an @mail is sent to the attendees.
  • Reminder: The attendees of an event will be sent a reminder @mail the morning of the day before the event.
  • Timezones: You may set your timezone so that all +Events will display with your time, rather than servertime. To do so you need to set the following things:
&event.hours me=<hours> (This should be -/+ the amount of hours you are from servertime, which is EST)
&event.timezone me=<PST/GMT/etc> (The code will not not display more than 3 letters.)
Examples: If you are in the PST timezone you should do: &event.hours me=-3 and &event.timezone me=PST
(Please note that for 'event.timezone' you can put whatever you want, the code will pull whatever is put there. If you want to switch between PST/PDT you may.)

Continued in "+help Mush help:Events 2"

Examples in: "+help Mush help:Events 3".