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Player Commands:

  • +essence/draw # - If you are at a locus and are aware of it, this command allows you to draw essence.
  • +step sideways - This allows you to step across into Shadow at a locus.
  • +locus/view - View details about the locus if you're at the proper location and have access to it.
  • commands for shift: +shift.

Staff Commands:

  • +locus/new <locus name> - Creates a new locus at your location.
  • +locus/set <locus name>/<field>=<value> - Sets one of the following fields on the locus.
    • Rank, Pool, Reserve, Drain, Resonance, Totem, Pack, or Description.
  • +locus/list - Lists the location and current status of all loci.
  • +locus/view <locus name> - Returns detailed information on a particular locus.
  • +locus/remove <locus name> - Destroys the given locus (there is no getting it back).
  • +locus/whitelist <locus name>/<player name>=<yes|no> - Sets the given player as either being able to see and draw essence from the locus or not.