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All players have the ability to create personal +MyEvents that are visible only to them. This code works almost exactly like +Events (see +help events), except it is tailored to work for individuals and is private. Currently, reminders are not sent out about myevents nor do myevents clear away when they have passed by.


List all upcoming myevents you have set up.

+MyEvents/date - Not Supported Yet

List upcoming events by date.

+MyEvent #

List details about Myevent #.

+MyEvent/changedate #=<Mmm Dd YYYY HH:MM>

Change the date myevent # will take place.

+MyEvent/changesum #=<New Summary> - Not Supported Yet

Change the description for myevent #.

+MyEvent/addsum #=Thing=<Stuff>/Thing2=<Stuff2>/Thing3=<Stuff3>/...

Create different type of summaries (threat, reward, etc.) to Myevent #.

+MyEvent/timezone #=<three character timezone abbrevation>

Change the timezone for the Myevent. EST, CST, MST, PST, etc.

+MyEvent/cancel #

Cancel Myevent # entirely. (Use this to clear away old events.)

+MyEvent/create <Title>=<Mmm Dd YYYY HH:MM>/<genre>/<summary>

Create a new MyEvent for your +MyEvents list.

NOTE: All dates must be in the: Mmm Dd HH:MM format such as: Jul 20 2010 22:04!

NOTE: You should set your default timezone via: &default.timezone me=<Three letter timezone abbreviation>

See Also: +Help Events