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What's an Alt?

An alt is an alternative character played by the same player, or sometimes refers to a character played by a staffer (sometimes also called a "staff alt").

What Can I Do with my Alt?

Almost whatever you want! It's a character in an RPG, and should be treated like one.

Then What Can't I Do With My Alt?

  • You can't have more characters than the game or sphere will allow.
  • You can't alt-cross.

How Many Alts Can I Have?

Players can have two (2) PCs of whatever combination of major or minor template. A player may only have one PC per sphere-type, whether the PC is supernatural or Mortal+.

Major Templates

Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Sin-Eater, Purified

Minor Templates

Wolf-Blooded*, Proximus, Fae-Touched, Enchanted Mortal*, Thaumaturge, Psychic, Non-Purified Immortals

(* These are House-Rule changes of the strict definition of major/minor templates)

Original Alts

On Safe Haven Harbor, each character must be original. This means that you may not play a character or person from history, a movie, a cartoon, or anything else. You must play your own, original work. You are permitted to recreate a character that you played on another game in the past, but the character must be recreated within the parameters of our chargen policy. The exception to this is that we allow characters of them templates permitted to transfer to this game from The Reach. What about Staff Alts?

Staff on Safe Haven Harbor are permitted to play PCs on this game.

What's Alt-Crossing

Generally, alt-crossing is when one character benefits—in a way they can use to their advantage—from your actions as another character, or your position on staff. This is bad form and should be avoided as much as reasonably possible. The main reason for this is that alts can be used to create unfair benefits over other players.

Rule of Thumb: Do not go out of your way to roleplay with one character on more than one of your alts.

Example: If your alt Joe is involved with or has scenes deliberately with Mary, do not go out of your way to play with Mary on your alt Bob. In more specific terms, a player may not benefit from, be at risk by, or involved with the same source through more than one character. You can consider a "source" as:

  • An event, plot, or most scenes
  • An on-game group or character
  • Anything we didn't list here but is reasonable to assume

Reasonable exceptions include:

  • Staff-approved long-term events, including metaplot (you can't recuse a character from world-changing events!)
  • A scene or event with only short-term risk or benefit (repetition should be avoided)
  • A scene that the player is also STing for a single of their characters, as long as that character gains no benefits from being in the scene (xp, loot, etc) and does not create any other crossover antics. It will probably be up to staff to judge this.
  • Permanently frozen characters and some retired characters aren't considered alts for this list, except for PvP situations (no revenge).

It's up to everyone involved to communicate as players ("OOCly") if any alt-crossing is suspected, and to find a fair way to recuse one of the alts from the situation. Staff will be under the same scrutiny, or even more, as others. An open culture of trust keeps us all honest, and traditionally is rewarded with fewer restrictions or more restrictions. Please be responsible!