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Players on Safe Haven Harbor are expected to know and have a copy of the following books:

  • World of Darkness core book
  • God Machine Chronicles

Whatever books pertain to your character and the theme of that character. When they are published, upon review by staff, we do intend to utilize the new World of Darkness 2nd edition books. Individual sphere book requirements will be outlined in sphere information.

In addition we utilize information from The Book of Mirrors for theme and setting purposes.

This is a moderated game with a theme, rules, Staff and other players who are coming together to tell stories with some semblance of cohesion. We do not expect all players to be familiar with all of the associated books of the World of Darkness game, we do expect you to take responsibility for familiarizing yourself with the rules that pertain to your character. Inability to do that will result in you being asked to leave the game.