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In an effort to make Building as painless as possible on Safe Haven Harbor, we've decided to go with a set amount of rooms that each player may have per character. Resources doesn't quite work the same way as it normally would on the game, so we're not tying the amount of rooms that you're allowed to have with the Resource level that you have.

Instead, each player may have up to 5 rooms per character, as well as a 'private room', which would be a bedroom, giving them a total of 6 rooms.

Characters may combine projects together, if they'd like, and each contribute their 5 rooms to the build, as well as their private room.

Group projects, where a 'group' is recognized (in this case, they would have a +lair), they're entitled to 25 rooms, which is the maximum any group will have. This does not include private rooms, so each character can still make one of those if they wish. If a build is for a Group, then it will be chowned over to a BLDR object that members of the group will have access to.

Natives to SHH will be allowed one extra room, considered a 'hidden room'.

Small islands are located around the area and are being allowed as built rooms for characters.

A player may have a place on the mainland, as well as an island, but is still subject to the 5 rooms per character rule, so the rooms would need to be divided between the two projects.

Please use common sense when requesting a project. Try to think about which rooms will actually see RP and which ones likely won't be used all that often. If you make a five room house and decide that you really don't need that bedroom and would rather see it added as another room that you think will be used, you may do so.