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Primarily for OOC communication and networking among RP groups (be they players on the whole game, players within a sphere or players who are part of a smaller group), Safe Haven Harbor uses channels. A helpfile for channels can be found by typing help comsys.

Public Sphere and Game channels are for things like discussion of the game, searching for roleplay, and banter.

Public Sphere and Game channels are not for criticizing other Staff and players, making other people uncomfortable, snarkiness, or being a creeper. If someone pipes up about something making them uncomfortable on a channel, take it to pages! If you feel someone is piping up to say they're uncomfortable to be a dick, let Staff know.

Please also keep in mind that joining other Sphere's or group's channels when you are not apart of that group is frowned upon. If you are trying to join a Sphere, please make a new character bit and join the channel under that name to ask your questions.

You should *never* join a private (cabal, motley, coterie, pack, etc) channel that you were not explicitly invited to or apart of.