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Character Generation - The Basics

For universal application standards, please see Application Standards.

Character generation on Safe Haven Harbor takes place first as a mortal character in the Chargen Room. Please, if you have concerns about whether your concept will be approved, speak with staff first before going through chargen. The worst thing to do is to go through and write up a background, set down a character and then have the concept denied for some reason. That said, staff on Safe Haven Harbor will generally work with just about any concept to make it work for the setting and theme. Just let us know what you need.

Don't worry about setting up locks. That's done as soon as you set foot into the character generation room. As you enter, you will be asked to set up your birth date and age, your vice, virtue and so on. You can find the basic information on Vices and Virtues in God Machine Chronicles, page 153. During character generation, you will be placing all of your initial skills, attributes and mortal-based merits (such as Status, Retainer, etc). Merits are a wildcard, so if you're planning on taking Status in a supernatural organization, you can still do so during this time. The only thing that you will not have access to are the merits and powers of your sphere. That comes after. If you do not wish to spend your merit points on mortal-based merits, then simply place one dot into any merit (such as Resources or Status) and bypass the room altogether. Your approving admin will remove it from your sheet during the end part of character generation.

After spending your points on your sheet, you will be placed into a room wherein you may now write your background. The best suggestion one can give for writing backgrounds is: write as much as you need to to explain your character. You don't win awards for length. You can write it any way you like it -- either through taking the questionnaire, writing it in story format, from a third person biographical perspective, and so on. Write however it makes you feel comfortable. Be sure to go easy on the length. While pages and pages of background can be useful to staff, having an extraordinarily long background may delay your approval.

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