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How many people are left in the world?

85% of the population of the world that existed in June 2013 was killed. Since that time, existence has been very difficult and even more people have died (from the elements, starvation/dehydration, monsters) or simply vanished.

Where is the Government? Who is in charge of things?

There is no more Government, there are no more “defined countries” in this world in the sense that they were prior to the EotW events. Small, remaining communities of survivors (such as what managed to survive in what used to be Aleswich and is now called Safe Haven) have formed their own hierarchy, but it focuses on survival and continued existence, less on politics.

What is left of “Modern Conveniences” and technology?

Not a lot, but it’s also not all gone. For reasons that aren’t entirely understood by the remaining population, Safe Haven & Outlook have self-sustaining and self-repairing electricity in the community, some groups also have a functioning “computer network” that is allowing them to communicate, local radio stations, local television and ham radio communications all exist and can broadcast - locally. And within the area there are functioning water towers which provide clean water, and a functioning waste water disposal. Outside of this area no one has been able to establish any sort of communication with the remainder of the world through the technology that existed up to the EotW events.

There is no longer access to new vehicles, machinery, medical equipment, printing equipment, etc. Anything of a mechanical nature is hard to come by - only the things that were present in Aleswich and could be salvaged and repaired still exist in Safe Haven. And those things that do exist require upkeep to maintain. Or, in the case of vehicles and things that run on gasoline - there is only a very limited supply of fuel without the means to replace the supply. Any technology that came out or became popularly known after June 2012 does not exist in this reality.

A note on popular culture:

Any movies, television shows, or books that came out after June 2012 essentially do not exist here. (Though in many cases these things are known about up to one year ahead of their release, they just never “came out”.) Persons of interest, pop culture references and world events that became known after that date would not be known in this reality.

What is the Building/Home situation like?

After the events of the EotW this area was flooded by refugees and people trying to survive. The community did their best to accommodate these people, recognizing that profit for living space was no longer a thing of importance, there is safety and privacy within the safety-zone, but it is limited and expansion will require the safety zone itself expanding. There are some people who choose to live outside of the safety zone, a tent-city of sorts however that recognizes the importance of being mobile to move into the city if danger comes. And there are farms outside the safety zone that are being worked for the continued existence of the human race. There are dangers there, but the survivors of this world are doing what they can.