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If you put in a request to freeze your PC, you will be unapproved for RP and frozen.

If you have not logged your PC in for a duration of 60 days, then your character will be idle frozen. If there is a reason why you will be gone for more than 60 days (medical reason, vacation, military service) you need only contact staff personally via a +request to ask that a Vacation flag be set on your character. This will prevent your PC from being frozen for a set extended period of time.

From both of those circumstances, you will be permitted to unfreeze your PC and return to play up to two times. (Each occasion of doing this will be set on your PC as a staffnote.) Once you have unfrozen twice, the third time you freeze your PC, you will not be able to unfreeze your PC for RP again.

If your character dies or is in some way rendered unplayable, or if you are banned from the game, then you will be freezered and you will not be permitted to return to play.